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This is the site to go to for election results, data and information from the United Kingdom. Unlike some other political sites, this site doesn’t go in for minimising the information to ‘major parties’ only, using flashy graphics that distract from the content, compromising its impartiality by accepting sponsorship, or including irrelevant party propaganda. On these pages you will find authoritative unbiased information and nothing else.

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This site aims to include political facts which are not available elsewhere, or not available elsewhere in the same detail or to the same accuracy. For that reason, and also for copyright reasons, individual constituency results before 1983 will not be available here. Researchers interested in these election results will find them in the books of F.W.S. Craig - see the bibliography page.

Published in 2001, the Politico’s Guide to the History of British Political Parties. This book gives a history of more than 250 political parties which have contested parliamentary elections since 1832, along with details of contact information and electoral performance, to provide a unique political reference book. It is an essential companion to this website and to anyone looking at election results. It is possible to order online via Politico’s Publishing.

Elections to the United Kingdom Parliament

NEW: Results of elections to the 54th Parliament of the United Kingdom in 2005 are being added. At present, results are available for the London Borough constituencies and for the first part of the English Boroughs.

These files contain details of all elections to the 52nd and 53rd Parliaments of the United Kingdom. Constituencies have been split according to their location and type. The Boundary Commission is instructed to classify a constituency as a County constituency if it contains “more than a small rural element” (page 12 of the Fourth Periodical Report of the Boundary Commission for England, Volume 1). Occasionally this can cause confusion - for example over Reading and Milton Keynes, each of which have two constituencies where one is a Borough and the other a County constituency.

For ease of reference, the county constituencies have (except in the case of Northern Ireland) been grouped with the county they are in.

Election results from the general election of 1983 onwards are in these files in the same order.

Historical Parliaments of the United Kingdom

Miscellaneous Parliamentary Election statistics

The House of Lords


Most of these maps do not have the names of constituencies or wards attached.

2004 Elections to the European Parliament

1999 Elections to the European Parliament

Elections to the European Parliament 1979-99


Elections to subsidiary Parliaments, Assemblies and Councils

National Assembly for Wales / Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru [1999-]

Scottish Parliament [1999-]

Parliament of Northern Ireland [1921-1972]

Northern Ireland Assembly [1998-]

  • Full STV results of the first Northern Ireland Assembly elections. Wide screen setting recommended.

Greater London Council [1964-86]

  • All GLC election results are linked on this index page, along with results of direct elections to the Inner London Education Authority (1986-90).

Greater London Authority [2000-]

The Political Parties

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