17th February 1906  James Keir Hardie
                      b. 15th August 1856, d. 26th September 1915
22nd January 1908   Arthur Henderson
                      b. 13th September 1863, d. 20th October 1935
14th February 1910  George Nicoll Barnes
                      b. 2nd January 1859, d. 21st April 1940
6th February 1911   James Ramsay Macdonald
                      b. 12th October 1866, d. 9th November 1937
5th August 1914     Arthur Henderson
                      (see above)
24th October 1917   William Adamson
                      b. 2nd April 1863, d. 23rd February 1936
14th February 1921  John Robert Clynes
                      b. 27th March 1869, d. 23rd October 1949
21st November 1922  James Ramsay Macdonald
                      (see above)
1st September 1931  Arthur Henderson
                      (see above)
25th October 1932   George Lansbury
                      b. 21st February 1859, d. 7th May 1940
8th October 1935    Clement Richard Attlee
                      b. 3rd January 1883, d. 8th October 1967
14th December 1955  Hugh Todd Naylor Gaitskell
                      b. 9th April 1906, d. 18th January 1963
14th February 1963  James Harold Wilson
                      b. 11th March 1916, d. 24th May 1995
5th April 1976      Leonard James Callaghan
                      b. 27th March 1912
3rd November 1980   Michael Mackintosh Foot
                      b. 23rd July 1913
2nd October 1983    Neil Gordon Kinnock
                      b. 28th March 1942
18th July 1992      John Smith
                      b. 13th September 1938, d. 12th May 1994
21st July 1994      Anthony Charles Lynton Blair
                      b. 6th May 1953

Elections for Labour Party Leader:

1922 (Creation of the post of Chairman and Leader of the Parliamentary
  Labour Party):

1st Ballot 21st November 1922

Ramsay Macdonald        61
J.R. Clynes             56

1935 (Morrison and Greenwood challenge to Attlee):

1st Ballot 26th November 1935

Clement Attlee          58
Herbert Morrison        44
Arthur Greenwood        33

2nd Ballot 3rd December 1935

Clement Attlee          88
Herbert Morrison        48

1955 (Resignation of Attlee)

1st Ballot 14th December 1955

Hugh Gaitskell         157
Aneurin Bevan           70

1960 (Wilson challenge to Gaitskell)

1st Ballot 3rd November 1960

Hugh Gaitskell         166
Harold Wilson           81

1961 (Greenwood challenge to Gaitskell)

1st Ballot 2nd November 1961)

Hugh Gaitskell         171
Anthony Greenwood       59

1963 (Death of Gaitskell)

1st Ballot 7th February 1963

Harold Wilson          115
George Brown            88
James Callaghan         41

2nd Ballot 14th February 1963

Harold Wilson          144
George Brown           103

1976 (Resignation of Wilson)

1st Ballot 25th March 1976

Michael Foot            90
James Callaghan         84
Roy Jenkins             56
Tony Benn               37
Denis Healey            30
Anthony Crosland        17

2nd Ballot 30th March 1976

James Callaghan        141
Michael Foot           133
Denis Healey            38

3rd Ballot 5th April 1976

James Callaghan        176
Michael Foot           137

1980 (Resignation of James Callghan)

1st Ballot 4th November 1980

Denis Healey           112
Michael Foot            83
John Silkin             38
Peter Shore             32

2nd Ballot 10th November 1980

Michael Foot           139
Denis Healey           129

1983 (Resignation of Foot)

Ballot 2nd October 1983

                      Affiliated  Constituencies     PLP      Total

Neil Kinnock            29.042        27.452       14.778     71.272
Roy Hattersley          10.878         0.577        7.833     19.288
Eric Heffer              0.046         1.971        4.286      6.303
Peter Shore              0.033         0            3.103      3.137

1988 (Benn challenge to Kinnock)

Ballot 2nd October 1988

                      Affiliated  Constituencies     PLP      Total

Neil Kinnock            39.660        24.128       24.842     88.630
Tony Benn                0.340         5.872        5.158     11.370

1992 (Resignation of Kinnock)

Ballot 18th July 1992

                      Affiliated  Constituencies     PLP      Total

John Smith              38.518        29.311       23.187     91.016
Bryan Gould              1.482         0.689        6.813      8.984

1994 (Death of Smith)

Ballot 21st July 1994

                      Affiliated  Constituencies     PLP      Total

Tony Blair              52.3          58.2         60.5       57.0
John Prescott           28.4          24.4         19.6       24.1
Margaret Beckett        19.3          17.4         19.9       18.9

Note on Labour Leadership elections:

1) Before the Labour Party took its present name, it existed in the form
   of the Labour Representation Committee. That body had an elected
   Chairman who may be considered as the Leader. This post was held by:
   1900-01     Frederick Rogers
   1901-02     Allen Gee
   1902-03     Richard Bell MP
   1903-04     John Hodge
   1904-05     David Shackleton MP
   1905-06     Arthur Henderson MP

2) The official title of the leader of the Labour Party was:
   1906-22     Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party
   1922-70     Chairman and Leader of the Parliamentary Labour Party
   1970-78     Leader of the Parliamentary Labour Party
   1978-       Leader of the Labour Party

3) On two occasions the death of the Leader of the Labour Party has led
   to a Deputy Leader becoming Leader pending the election of a successor.
   The Leader from 18th January 1963 to 14th February 1963 was George
   Alfred Brown (b. 2nd September 1914, d. 2nd June 1985). The Leader from
   12th May 1994 to 21st July 1994 was Margaret Mary Beckett (b. 15th
   January 1943). Mrs Beckett was the first woman to be the Leader of the
   Labour Party.

4) From 1906 until 1981 the Leader was elected by Labour Members of
   the House of Commons. A candidate had to obtain an overall majority
   of the votes cast, and if no candidate did, then the candidate with
   the fewest votes was eliminated and a second ballot was held. This
   process was continued until one candidate had obtained a majority.

5) From 1981 until 1993, the Leader was elected by an electoral
   college containing three elements. 
     Affiliated Organisations (mostly Trade      40% of the vote
       Unions, also Socialist Societies)
     Parliamentary Labour Party                  30% of the vote
     Constituency Labour Parties                 30% of the vote
   Each affiliated organisation was responsible for deciding how to
   cast its vote - some decided to ballot their members, some let their
   National Executive decide which candidate to support. The whole of
   the organisation's vote was then cast for their chosen candidate.
   Votes were cast at a conference called by the Labour Party.

   In the results given above, the figures represent the percentage
   of the total vote scored in each section.

6) From 1993, the Leader has been elected by an electoral college
   comprising the three elements mentioned above but in equal proportions
   (ie each has one third of the vote). The method of balloting has been
   changed so that individual members of the Labour Party and those
   members of affiliated organisations who are eligible to vote are
   given individual ballot papers which are counted nationally.

   In the results given above, the figures represent the percentage
   of the vote in the element of the electoral college stated.