Life Peerages

Created under the Life Peerages Act 1958


The Life Peerage is a curiously unloved institution. Those who venerate the Peerage in general, regard it as inferior to the Hereditary Peerage, while those less enamoured with honours are repelled by the patronage assumed to be involved. Partly for these reasons it has not been the subject of especial study. Life Peerages do, of course, feature in the standard reference works on the Peerage (such as Debrett’s and Burke’s) and in Dod’s Parliamentary Companion but with the exception of Prof. W.D. Rubinstein’s “Biographical Dictionary of Life Peers” (which is now more than a decade old), there is no single work which concentrates on the whole collective body. They are even omitted from the “Complete Peerage” apparently because Rubinstein would suffice.

This page provides a starting point for researchers by listing every one of the 1,043 Life Peerages created since the passage of the Life Peerages Act 1958, with the date of the Patent, full name of the holder, and their dates of birth and if applicable, death. A few matters should be noted about this table.

The Date given is the date of the Patent which formally creates the Peerage, not the date that it was announced that the individual would be created a Life Peer, nor the date of their introduction into the House of Lords. There are three cases in which Her Majesty has announced her intention of conferring a Life Peerage, but no Patent has been issued: they are listed at the foot of the main table. In a few instances there has been more than one Patent issued on the same day and they are differentiated by a time of day - usually just AM or PM, but on some days an hour is given.

I have taken a few necessary liberties with the names. Married women are here given their married names even when the Peerage title is taken from their maiden name. There are a few cases, Lord George-Brown being the most infamous, where Peers have preserved their first names in hyphenated form in the Peerage Title: the Garter King of Arms insists on a corresponding change in surname if this is to be done, but the surname given here will be the original. Those Peers who have anglicized names which were originally foreign are also given the original version, except where their English name is entirely different (so Lord Grade is given as Louis Winogradsky, while his brother Lord Delfont is given as Bernard Delfont). This is an inconsistency but it is impossible completely to eliminate all inconsistencies.

I am fortunate in not having had to call upon Somerset House in order to obtain birth dates, though Rubinstein’s anecdote concerning the small queue forming to discover the precise age of a recently dead Peeress seems entirely believable. Most Peers readily supply their date of birth to reference works. A few (by no means all Baronesses) are reticent, and further research is required to locate the requisite date. I note in passing that one recently created Peer, who supplies virtually no biographical information to the standard reference works and contrives not to appear at all in Debrett’s “People of Today”, decided a few years before his elevation to celebrate a major birthday with a party which was mentioned in the gossip columns of the national press. One may be a hermit or accept a Life Peerage, but not both.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible, and discovered a few mistakes in Rubinstein, but perfection is elusive and I would be grateful if any errors were pointed out. At the bottom of the page are three lists: the ten youngest and ten oldest recipients of Life Peerages, and the ten shortest lasting Life Peerages. This is followed by a list, hopefully comprehensive, of those holders of Life Peerages closely related to other Life Peers.

Date of PatentTitle of BaronyHolder

1st August 1958Fraser of LonsdaleWilliam Jocelyn Ian Fraser (B. 30th August 1897, D. 20th December 1974
2nd August 1958StonhamVictor John Collins (B. 1st July 1903, D. 23rd December 1971)
4th August 1958Geddes of EpsomCharles John Geddes (B. 1st March 1897, D. 2nd May 1983)
5th August 1958Stopford of FallowfieldJohn Sebastian Bach Stopford (B. 25th June 1888, D. 6th March 1961)
6th August 1958Granville-WestDaniel Granville West (B. 17th March 1904, D. 23rd September 1984)
7th August 1958TaylorStephen James Lake Taylor (B. 30th December 1910, D. 1st February 1988)
8th August 1958Wootton of AbingerBarbara Frances Wootton Wright (B. 14th April 1897, D. 11th July 1988)
11th August 1958ShackletonEdward Arthur Alexander Shackleton (B. 15th July 1911, D. 22nd September 1994)
18th August 1958TwiningEdward Francis Twining (B. 29th June 1899, D. 21st June 1967)
22nd August 1958BoothbyRobert John Graham Boothby (B. 12th February 1900, D. 16th July 1986)
22nd September 1958SwanboroughStella Isaacs (B. 6th January 1894, D. 22nd May 1971)
24th September 1958FerrierVictor Ferrier Noel-Paton (B. 29th January 1900, D. 4th June 1992)
26th September 1958Elliot of HarwoodKatherine Elliot (B. 15th January 1903, D. 3rd January 1994)
30th September 1958Parker of WaddingtonHubert Lister Parker (B. 28th May 1900, D. 15th September 1972)
6th October 1958Ravensdale of KedlestonMary Irene Curzon (B. 20th January 1896, D. 9th February 1966)

14th February 1959ShawcrossHartley William Shawcross (B. 4th February 1902, D. 10th July 2003)
17th February 1959PlowdenEdwin Noel Plowden (B. 6th January 1907, D. 15th February 2001)
19th February 1959James of RusholmeEric Francis James (B. 13th April 1909, D. 16th May 1992)
16th June 1959RobbinsLionel Charles Robbins (B. 22nd November 1898, D. 15th May 1984)
2nd November 1959Morrison of LambethHerbert Stanley Morrison (B. 3rd January 1888, D. 6th March 1965)
3rd November 1959CraigtonJack Nixon Browne (B. 3rd September 1904, D. 28th July 1993)
16th December 1959HorsburghFlorence Gertrude Horsburgh (B. 13th October 1889, D. 6th December 1969)

28th January 1960DaltonEdward Hugh John Neale Dalton (B. 26th August 1887, D. 15th March 1962)
30th January 1960BossomAlfred Charles Bossom (B. 16th October 1881, D. 4th September 1965)
16th May 1960CaseyRichard Gardiner Casey (29th August 1890, D. 18th June 1976)

2nd February 1961Williams of BarnburghThomas Williams (B. 18th March 1888, D. 29th March 1967)
4th February 1961SummerskillEdith Clara Summerskill (B. 19th April 1901, D. 4th February 1980)
7th February 1961HughesWilliam Hughes (B. 22nd January 1911, D. 31st December 1999)
8th February 1961PeddieJames Mortimer Peddie (B. 4th April 1906, D. 13th April 1978)
9th February 1961LindgrenGeorge Samuel Lindgren (B. 11th November 1900, D. 8th September 1971)
10th February 1961WalstonHenry David Leonard George Walston (B. 16th June 1912, D. 29th May 1991)
16th February 1961AlportCuthbert James McCall Alport (B. 22nd March 1912, D. 28th October 1998)
21st February 1961MolsonArthur Hugh Elsdale Molson (B. 29th June 1903, D. 13th October 1991)
2nd June 1961Fisher of LambethGeoffrey Francis Fisher (B. 5th May 1887, D. 15th October 1972)
28th June 1961Robens of WoldinghamAlfred Robens (B. 18th December 1910, D. 27th June 1999)
11th July 1961CoutancheAlexander Moncrieff Coutanche (B. 9th May 1892, D. 18th December 1973)

12th April 1962Burton of CoventryElaine Frances Burton (B. 2nd March 1904, D. 6th October 1991)
13th April 1962Francis-WilliamsEdward Francis Williams (B. 10th March 1904, D. 5th June 1970)
16th April 1962Todd Alexander Robertus Todd (B. 2nd October 1907, D. 10th January 1997)
3rd May 1962Sainsbury Alan John Sainsbury (B. 13th August 1902, D. 21st October 1998)
10th May 1962FranksOliver Shewell Franks (B. 16th February 1905, D. 15th October 1992)
11th May 1962ChampionArthur Joseph Champion (B. 26th July 1897, D. 2nd March 1985)
14th May 1962IlfordGeoffrey Clegg Hutchinson (B. 14th October 1893, D. 21st August 1974)
15th May 1962WilliamsonThomas Williamson (B. 2nd September 1897, D. 27th February 1983)

31st January 1963ChelmerEric Cecil Boyd Edwards (B. 9th October 1924, D. 3rd March 1997)
13th June 1963Hill of LutonCharles Hill (B. 15th January 1904, D. 22nd August 1989)
9th July 1963Balerno Alick Drummond Buchanan-Smith (B. 9th October 1898, D. 28th July 1984)

13th January 1964NorthchurchFrances Joan Davidson (B. 29th May 1894, D. 25th November 1985)
15th January 1964GardinerGerald Austin Gardiner (B. 30th May 1900, D. 7th January 1990)
16th January 1964Llewellyn-DaviesRichard Llewelyn Davies (B. 24th December 1912, D. 27th October 1981)
18th January 1964BowdenBertram Vivian Bowden (B. 18th January 1910, D. 31st July 1989)
20th January 1964HobsonCharles Rider Hobson (B. 18th February 1903, D. 17th February 1966)
21st January 1964WillisEdward Henry Willis (B. 13th January 1918, D. 22nd December 1992)
22nd January 1964TangleyEdwin Savory Herbert (B. 29th June 1899, D. 5th June 1973)
23rd January 1964GaitskellAnna Dora Gaitskell (B. 25th April 1901, D. 1st July 1989)
20th April 1964RuncornDennis Forwood Vosper (B. 2nd January 1916, D. 20th January 1968)
21st August 1964OakshottHendrie Dudley Oakshott (B. 8th November 1904, D. 2nd February 1975)
22nd August 1964BourneGeoffrey Kemp Bourne (B. 5th October 1902, D. 26th June 1982)
24th August 1964HurdAnthony Richard Hurd (B. 2nd May 1901, D. 12th February 1966)
25th August 1964RoyleCharles Royle (B. 23rd January 1896, D. 1st October 1975)
12th September 1964RhodesHervey Rhodes (B. 12th August 1895, D. 11th September 1987)
16th September 1964Murray of NewhavenKeith Anderson Hope Murray (B. 28th July 1903, D. 10th October 1993)
5th October 1964MitchisonGilbert Richard Mitchison (B. 23rd March 1894, D. 14th February 1970)
27th October 1964CaradonHugh Mackintosh Foot (B. 8th October 1907, D. 5th September 1990)
29th October 1964SnowCharles Percy Snow (B. 15th October 1905, D. 1st July 1980)
11th November 1964ChalfontAlun Arthur Gwynne Jones (B. 5th December 1919)
7th December 1964Brooke of YstradfellteBarbara Muriel Brooke (B. 14th January 1908, D. 1st September 2000)
8th December 1964Emmet of AmberleyEvelyn Violet Elizabeth Emmet (B. 18th March 1899, D. 10th October 1980)
12th December 1964BowlesFrancis George Bowles (B. 2nd May 1902, D. 29th December 1970)
14th December 1964CollisonHarold Francis Collison (B. 10th May 1909, D. 29th December 1995)
15th December 1964SorensenReginald William Sorensen (B. 19th June 1891, D. 8th October 1971)
16th December 1964 AMLeatherlandCharles Edward Leatherland (B. 18th April 1898, D. 18th December 1992)
16th December 1964 PMBlytonWilliam Reid Blyton (B. 2nd May 1899, D. 29th October 1987)
17th December 1964 AMBrockwayArchibald Fenner Brockway (B. 1st November 1888, D. 28th April 1988)
17th December 1964 PMWynne-JonesWilliam Francis Kenrick Wynne-Jones (B. 8th May 1903, D. 8th November 1982)
18th December 1964 AMBeswickFrank Beswick (B. 21st August 1911, D. 17th August 1987)
18th December 1964 PMSegalSamuel Segal (B. 2nd April 1902, D. 2nd June 1985)
21st December 1964 AMPhillipsNorah Phillips (B. 12th August 1910, D. 14th August 1992)
21st December 1964 PMAsquith of YarnburyHelen Violet Bonham-Carter (B. 15th April 1887, D. 19th February 1969)
22nd December 1964 AMBrownWilfrid Banks Duncan Brown (B. 29th November 1908, D. 17th March 1985)
22nd December 1964 PMByersCharles Frank Byers (B. 29th July 1915, D. 6th February 1984)
28th December 1964WadeDonald William Wade (B. 16th June 1904, D. 6th November 1988)
29th December 1964ArwynArwyn Randall Davies (B. 17th April 1897, D. 23rd February 1978)

1st January 1965Chuter-EdeJames Chuter Ede (B. 11th September 1882, D. 11th November 1965)
28th January 1965Hinton of BanksideChristopher Hinton (B. 12th May 1901, D. 22nd June 1983)
29th January 1965HolfordWilliam Graham Holford (B. 22nd March 1907, D. 17th October 1975)
4th February 1965FloreyHoward Walter Florey (B. 24th September 1898, D. 21st February 1968)
19th February 1965Butler of Saffron WaldenRichard Austen Butler (B. 9th December 1902, D. 8th March 1982)
24th March 1965ColeGeorge James Cole (B. 3rd February 1906, D. 29th November 1979)
10th May 1965 AMPlummerBeatrice Plummer (B. 14th April 1903, D. 13th June 1972)
10th May 1965 PMWells-PestellReginald Alfred Wells-Pestell (B. 27th January 1910, D. 17th January 1991)
11th May 1965 AMCacciaHarold Anthony Caccia (B. 21st December 1905, D. 31st October 1990)
11th May 1965 PMHilton of UptonAlbert Victor Hilton (B. 14th February 1908, D. 3rd May 1977)
12th May 1965 AMSoperDonald Oliver Soper (B. 31st January 1903, D. 22nd December 1998)
12th May 1965 PMSimeyThomas Spensley Simey (B. 25th November 1906, D. 27th December 1969)
13th May 1965 AMHaire of WhiteabbeyJohn Edwin Haire (B. 14th November 1908, D. 7th October 1966)
13th May 1965 PMCohen of BrightonLewis Coleman Cohen (B. 28th March 1897, D. 21st October 1966)
14th May 1965 AMWinterbottomIan Winterbottom (B. 6th April 1913, D. 4th July 1992)
14th May 1965 PMLloyd of HampsteadDennis Lloyd (B. 22nd October 1915, D. 31st December 1992)
17th May 1965Spencer-ChurchillClementine Ogilvy Spencer-Churchill (B. 1st April 1885, D. 12th December 1977)
22nd June 1965Kings NortonHarold Roxbee Cox (B. 6th June 1902, D. 21st December 1997)
5th July 1965BrockRussell Claude Brock (B. 24th October 1903, D. 3rd September 1980)
6th July 1965KahnRichard Ferdinand Kahn (B. 10th August 1905, D. 6th June 1989)
7th July 1965BeechingRichard Beeching (B. 21st April 1913, D. 23rd March 1985)
16th July 1965AnnanNoel Gilroy Annan (B. 25th December 1916, D. 21st February 2000)
20th July 1965GoodmanArnold Abraham Goodman (B. 21st August 1913, D.12th May 1995)
7th December 1965Hylton-FosterAudrey Pellew Hylton-Foster (B. 19th May 1908, D. 30th October 2002)

14th January 1966Campbell of EskanJohn Middleton Campbell (B. 8th August 1912, D. 26th December 1994)
15th January 1966King-HallWilliam Stephen Richard King-Hall (B. 1st January 1893, D. 21st June 1966)
17th January 1966StocksMary Danvers Stocks (B. 25th July 1891, D. 6th July 1975)
18th January 1966SieffIsrael Moses Sieff (B. 4th May 1889, D. 14th February 1972)
19th January 1966FultonJohn Scott Fulton (B. 27th May 1902, D. 14th March 1986)
27th May 1966RowleyArthur Henderson (B. 27th August 1893, D. 28th August 1968)
31st May 1966Nugent of GuildfordGeorge Richard Hodges Nugent (B. 6th June 1907, D. 16th March 1994)
1st June 1966Taylor of MansfieldHarry Bernard Taylor (B. 18th September 1895, D. 11th April 1991)
2nd June 1966KilmanyWilliam John St. Clair Anstruther-Gray (B. 5th March 1905, D. 6th August 1985)
6th June 1966PopplewellErnest Popplewell (B. 10th December 1899, D. 10th August 1977)
7th June 1966Stow HillFrank Soskice (B. 23rd July 1902, D. 1st January 1979)
9th June 1966PargiterGeorge Albert Pargiter (B. 16th March 1897, D. 16th January 1982)
10th June 1966RedmayneMartin Redmayne (B. 16th November 1910, D. 28th April 1983)
13th June 1966MaelorThomas William Jones (B. 10th February 1898, D. 18th November 1984)
15th June 1966MonslowWalter Monslow (B. 26th January 1895, D. 12th October 1966)
16th June 1966BucktonSamuel Storey (B. 18th January 1896, D. 17th January 1978)
23rd June 1966MoyleArthur Moyle (B. 25th September 1894, D. 23rd December 1974)
24th June 1966McFadzeanWilliam Hunter McFadzean (B. 17th December 1903, D. 14th January 1996)
4th July 1966HuntHenry Cecil John Hunt (B. 22nd June 1910, D. 8th November 1998)
5th July 1966Ritchie-CalderPeter Ritchie Calder (B. 1st July 1906, D. 31st January 1982)
11th July 1966Cooper of Stockton HeathJohn Cooper (B. 7th June 1908, D. 2nd September 1988)
20th July 1966Brooke of CumnorHenry Brooke (B. 9th April 1903, D. 29th March 1984)
19th September 1966SharpEvelyn Adelaide Sharp (B. 25th May 1903, D. 1st September 1985)

16th January 1967PlattRichard Platt (B. 16th April 1900, D. 30th June 1978)
17th January 1967Morris of GrasmereCharles Richard Morris (B. 25th January 1898, D. 30th May 1990)
18th January 1967WoolleyHarold Woolley (B. 6th February 1905, D. 31st July 1986)
19th January 1967Jackson of BurnleyWillis Jackson (B. 29th October 1904, D. 17th February 1970)
20th January 1967SerotaBeatrice Serota (B. 15th October 1919, D. 21st October 2002)
6th February 1967MacLeod of FuinaryGeorge MacLeod (B. 17th June 1895, D. 27th June 1991)
7th July 1967Redcliffe-MaudJohn Primatt Redcliffe Maud (B. 3rd February 1906, D. 20th November 1982)
7th July 1967PenneyWilliam George Penney (B. 24th June 1909, D. 3rd March 1991)
10th July 1967HeycockLlewellyn Heycock (B. 12th August 1905, D. 13th March 1990)
11th July 1967CarronWilliam John Carron (B. 19th November 1902, D. 3rd December 1969)
25th August 1967Evans of HungershallBenjamin Ifor Evans (B. 18th August 1899, D. 28th August 1982)
26th August 1967MaisAlan Raymond Mais (B. 7th July 1911, D. 28th November 1993)
27th August 1967Llewelyn-Davies of HastoeAnne Patricia Llewelyn-Davies (B. 16th July 1915, D. 6th November 1997)
30th August 1967HirshfieldDesmond Barel Hirshfield (B. 17th May 1913, D. 6th December 1993)
11th September 1967McLeavy Frank McLeavy (B. 1st January 1899, D. 1st October 1976)
12th September 1967Granville of EyeEdgar Louis Granville (B. 12th February 1898, D. 14th February 1998)
14th September 1967TaysideDavid Lauchlan Urquhart (B. 13th September 1912, D. 12th March 1975)
15th September 1967BirkAlma Lillian Birk (B. 22nd September 1917, D. 29th December 1996)
18th September 1967FiskeWilliam Geoffrey Fiske (B. 13th July 1905, D. 13th January 1975)
19th September 1967GarnsworthyCharles William Garnsworthy (B. 10th December 1906, D. 5th September 1974)
20th September 1967AylestoneHerbert William Bowden (B. 30th January 1905, D. 30th April 1994)
21st September 1967Hill of WivenhoeEdward James Hill (B. 20th August 1899, D. 14th December 1969)
22nd September 1967Douglass of ClevelandHarry Douglass (B. 1st January 1902, D. 5th April 1978)
13th October 1967Delacourt-SmithCharles George Percy Delacourt-Smith (B. 25th April 1917, D. 2nd October 1972)
20th November 1967Donaldson of KingsbridgeJohn George Stuart Donaldson (B. 9th October 1907, D. 8th March 1998)
27th November 1967WiggGeorge Edward Cecil Wigg (B. 28th November 1900, D. 11th August 1983)
29th November 1967FootJohn Mackintosh Foot (B. 17th February 1909, D. 17th October 1999)
4th December 1967ThorneycroftGeorge Edward Peter Thorneycroft (B. 6th July 1909, D. 4th June 1994)
5th December 1967Bannerman of KildonanJohn MacDonald Bannerman (B. 1st September 1901, D. 10th May 1969)
6th December 1967Beaumont of WhitleyTimothy Wentworth Beaumont (B. 22nd November 1928)

18th January 1968PilkingtonWilliam Henry Pilkington (B. 19th April 1905, D. 22nd December 1983)
19th January 1968HartwellWilliam Michael Berry (B. 18th May 1911, D. 2nd April 2001)
22nd January 1968Wright of Ashton-under-LyneLewis Tatham Wright (B. 11th October 1903, D. 16th September 1974)
29th January 1968Taylor of GryfeThomas Johnston Taylor (B. 27th April 1912, D. 13th July 2001)
12th February 1968TrevelyanHumphrey Trevelyan (B. 27th November 1905, D. 9th February 1985)
21st May 1968HelsbyLawrence Norman Helsby (B. 27th April 1908, D. 5th December 1978)
20th June 1968BaloghThomas Balogh (B. 2nd November 1905, D. 20th January 1985)
21st June 1968BlackWilliam Rushton Black (B. 12th January 1893, D. 27th December 1984)
28th June 1968CrowtherGeoffrey Crowther (B. 13th May 1907, D. 5th February 1972)
10th July 1968EnerglynWilliam David Evans (B. 25th December 1912, D. 27th June 1985)
11th July 1968JacquesJohn Henry Jacques (B. 11th January 1905, D. 20th December 1995)
17th September 1968Grey of NauntonRalph Francis Alnwick Grey (B. 15th April 1910, D. 17th October 1999)

9th January 1969StokesDonald Graham Stokes (B. 22nd March 1914)
27th January 1969BlackettPatrick Maynard Stuart Blackett (B. 18th November 1897, D. 13th July 1974)
21st February 1969GarnerJoseph John Saville Garner (B. 14th February 1908, D. 10th December 1983)
3rd March 1969Wilson of LangsideHenry Stephen Wilson (B. 21st March 1916, D. 23rd November 1997)
24th March 1969ConstantineLearie Nicholas Constantine (B. 21st September 1901, D. 1st July 1971)
2nd July 1969Gore-BoothPaul Henry Gore-Booth (B. 3rd February 1909, D. 29th June 1984)
3rd July 1969BernsteinSidney Lewis Bernstein (B. 30th January 1899, D. 5th February 1993)
24th July 1969ClarkKenneth MacKenzie Clark (B. 13th July 1903, D. 21st May 1983)
28th October 1969RoberthallRobert Lowe Hall (B. 6th March 1901, D. 17th September 1988)

16th January 1970ArdwickJohn Cowburn Beavan (B. 19th April 1910, D. 18th August 1994)
23rd January 1970O’Neill of the Maine(Terence Marne O’Neill (B. 10th September 1914, D. 12th June 1990)
5th February 1970KeartonChristopher Frank Kearton (B. 17th February 1911, D. 2nd July 1992)
12th February 1970Masham of IltonSusan Lillian Primrose Cunliffe-Lister (B. 14th April 1935)
19th June 1970ShinwellEmmanuel Shinwell (B. 18th October 1884, D. 8th May 1986)
20th June 1970JannerBarnett Janner (B. 20th June 1892, D. 4th May 1982)
30th June 1970Hailsham of St. MaryleboneQuintin McGarel Hogg (B. 9th October 1907, D. 12th October 2001)
1st July 1970Tweedsmuir of BelhelviePriscilla Jean Fortescue Buchan (B. 25th January 1915, D. 11th March 1978)
2nd July 1970ReigateJohn Kenyon Vaughan-Morgan (B. 2nd February 1905, D. 26th January 1995)
3rd July 1970Boyle of HandsworthEdward Charles Gurney Boyle (B. 31st August 1923, D. 28th September 1981)
4th July 1970HoyJames Hutchison Hoy (B. 21st January 1909, D. 7th August 1976)
6th July 1970HamnettCyril Hamnett (B. 20th May 1906, D. 17th March 1980)
7th July 1970RhylEvelyn Nigel Chetwode Birch (B. 18th November 1906, D. 8th March 1981)
8th July 1970SlaterJoseph Slater (B. 13th June 1904, D. 22nd April 1977)
9th July 1970FletcherEric George Molyneux Fletcher (B. 26th March 1903, D. 9th June 1990)
28th July 1970WheatleyJohn Thomas Wheatley (B. 17th January 1908, D. 28th July 1988)
31st July 1970RosenheimMax Leonard Rosenheim (B. 15th March 1908, D. 2nd December 1972)
21st September 1970BurntwoodJulian Ward Snow (B. 24th February 1910, D. 24th January 1982)
22nd September 1970Greenwood of RossendaleArthur William James Greenwood (B. 14th September 1911, D. 12th April 1982)
25th September 1970DiamondJohn Diamond (B. 30th April 1907, D. 3rd April 2004)
28th September 1970Davies of LeekHarold Davies (B. 21st July 1904, D. 28th October 1985)
12th October 1970WhiteEirene Lloyd White (B. 7th November 1909, D. 23rd December 1999)
14th October 1970BaconAlice Martha Bacon (B. 10th September 1909, D. 24th March 1993)
5th November 1970Lee of AsheridgeJanet Bevan (B. 3rd November 1904, D. 16th November 1988)
6th November 1970George-BrownGeorge Alfred Brown (B. 2nd September 1914, D. 2nd June 1985)

29th January 1971ThomasWilliam Miles Webster Thomas (B. 2nd March 1897, D. 8th February 1980)
5th February 1971Simon of GlaisdaleJocelyn Edward Salis Simon (B. 15th January 1911)
9th February 1971MacleanCharles Hector Fitz Roy Maclean (B. 5th May 1916, D. 8th February 1990)
2nd March 1971Maybray-KingHorace Maybray King (B. 25th May 1901, D. 3rd September 1986)
5th March 1971OlivierLaurence Kerr Olivier (B. 22nd May 1907, D. 11th July 1989)
20th April 1971WidgeryJohn Passmore Widgery (B. 24th July 1911, D. 26th July 1981)
30th April 1971Orr-EwingCharles Ian Orr-Ewing (B. 10th February 1912, D. 19th August 1999)
1st May 1971Harvey of PrestburyArthur Vere Harvey (B. 31st January 1906, D. 5th April 1994)
17th May 1971BlakeRobert Norman William Blake (B. 23rd December 1916, D. 20th September 2003)
18th May 1971SeearBeatrice Nancy Seear (B. 7th August 1913, D. 23rd April 1997)
21st May 1971TanlawSimon Brooke Mackay (B. 30th March 1934)
24th May 1971YoungJanet Mary Young (B. 23rd October 1926, D. 6th September 2002)
4th June 1971MacLeod of BorveEvelyn Hester MacLeod (B. 19th February 1915, D. 17th November 1999)
18th June 1971ZuckermanSolly Zuckerman (B. 30th May 1904, D. 1st April 1993)
20th July 1971MoyolaJames Dawson Chichester-Clark (B. 12th February 1923, D. 17th May 2002)

20th April 1972AdeaneMichael Edward Adeane (B. 30th September 1910, D. 30th April 1984)
24th April 1972HaleCharles Leslie Hale (B. 13th July 1902, D. 9th May 1985)
26th April 1972HewlettThomas Clyde Hewlett (B. 4th August 1923, D. 2nd July 1979)
28th April 1972SeebohmFrederic Seebohm (B. 18th January 1909, D. 15th December 1990)
1st May 1972Boyd-CarpenterJohn Archibald Boyd-Carpenter (B. 2nd June 1908, D. 11th July 1998)
2nd May 1972EllesDiana Louie Elles (B. 19th July 1921)
9th May 1972ElworthySamuel Charles Elworthy (B. 23rd March 1911, D. 4th April 1993)
10th May 1972WatkinsTudor Elwyn Watkins (B. 9th May 1903, D. 2nd November 1983)
3rd July 1972Samuel of Wych CrossHarold Samuel (B. 23rd April 1912, D. 28th August 1987)
10th July 1972BallantraeBernard Edward Fergusson (B. 6th May 1911, D. 28th November 1980)

5th February 1973PorrittArthur Espie Porritt (B. 10th August 1900, D. 1st Janury 1994)
14th March 1973O’Brien of LothburyLeslie Kenneth O’Brien (B. 6th February 1908, D. 24th November 1995)
18th June 1973SharplesPamela Sharples (B. 11th February 1923)
22nd June 1973BrayleyJohn Desmond Brayley (B. 29th January 1917, D. 16th March 1977)
25th June 1973Hunt of FawleyJohn Henderson Hunt (B. 3rd July 1905, D. 28th December 1987)
29th June 1973Lloyd of KilgerranRhys Gerran Lloyd (B. 12th August 1907, D. 30th January 1991)
6th July 1973AshbyEric Ashby (B. 24th August 1904, D. 22nd October 1992)
9th July 1973Crowther-HuntNorman Crowther Hunt (B. 13th March 1920, D. 16th February 1987)
16th July 1973Allan of KilmahewRobert Alexander Allan (B. 11th July 1914, D. 4th April 1979)

31st January 1974Greenhill of HarrowDenis Arthur Greenhill (B. 6th November 1913, D. 8th November 2000)
6th March 1974FeatherVictor Grayson Hardy Feather (B. 10th April 1908, D. 28th July 1976)
7th March 1974TrendBurke St. John Trend (B. 2nd January 1914, D. 22nd July 1987)
11th March 1974Elwyn-JonesFrederick Elwyn Jones (B. 14th October 1909, D. 4th December 1989)
25th March 1974Goronwy-RobertsGoronwy Owen Roberts (B. 20th September 1913, D. 22nd July 1981)
26th March 1974Harris of GreenwichJohn Henry Harris (B. 5th April 1930, D. 1st April 2001)
2nd May 1974Duncan-SandysDuncan Edwin Sandys (B. 24th January 1908, D. 27th November 1984)
3rd May 1974GlenkinglasMichael Anthony Christobal Noble (B. 19th March 1913, D. 15th May 1984)
6th May 1974Geoffrey-LloydGeoffrey William Lloyd (B. 17th January 1902, D. 12th September 1984)
7th May 1974ChelwoodTufton Victor Hamilton Beamish (B. 27th January 1917, D. 6th April 1989)
8th May 1974MarplesAlfred Ernest Marples (B. 9th December 1907, D. 6th July 1978)
9th May 1974TranmireRobert Hugh Turton (B. 8th August 1903, D. 17th January 1994)
10th May 1974Mackie of BenshieGeorge Yull Mackie (B. 10th July 1919)
13th May 1974Hornsby-SmithMargaret Patricia Hornsby-Smith (B. 17th March 1914, D. 3rd July 1985)
14th May 1974Robson of KiddingtonInga-Stina Robson (B. 20th August 1919, D. 9th February 1999)
15th May 1974PikeIrene Mervyn Parnicott Pike (B. 16th September 1918, D. 11th January 2004)
16th May 1974WigoderBasil Thomas Wigoder (B. 12th February 1921, D. 12th August 2004)
11th June 1974Fraser of KilmorackRichard Michael Fraser (B. 28th October 1915, D. 1st July 1996)
18th June 1974CastleEdward Cyril Castle (B. 5th May 1907, D. 26th December 1979)
19th June 1974Fisher of CamdenSamuel Fisher (B. 20th January 1905, D. 12th December 1979)
20th June 1974Houghton of SowerbyArthur Leslie Noel Douglas Houghton (B. 11th August 1898, D. 2nd May 1996)
21st June 1974PannellThomas Charles Pannell (B. 10th September 1902, D. 23rd March 1980)
24th June 1974HarvingtonRobert Grant-Ferris (B. 30th December 1907, D. 1st January 1997)
25th June 1974StedmanPhyllis Stedman (B. 14th July 1916, D. 8th June 1996)
26th June 1974Lovell-DavisPeter Lovell Davis (B. 8th July 1924, D. 6th January 2001)
27th June 1974KissinHarry Kissin (B. 23rd August 1912, D. 22nd November 1997)
28th June 1974Wallace of CampsieGeorge Wallace (B. 13th February 1915, D. 23rd December 1997)
1st July 1974Lee of NewtonFrederick Lee (B. 3rd August 1906, D. 4th February 1984)
2nd July 1974Fisher of RednalDoris Mary Gertrude Fisher (B. 13th September 1919)
3rd July 1974Darling of HillsboroughGeorge Darling (B. 20th July 1905, D. 18th October 1985)
4th July 1974Gordon-WalkerPatrick Chrestien Gordon-Walker (B. 7th April 1907, D. 2nd December 1980)
5th July 1974Delacourt-Smith of AlterynMargaret Rosalind Delacourt-Smith (B. 5th April 1916)
8th July 1974Davies of PenrhysGwilyn Elfed Davies (B. 9th October 1913, D. 28th April 1992)
9th July 1974KaldorMiklos Kaldor (B. 12th May 1908, D. 30th September 1986)
10th July 1974Allen of FallowfieldAlfred Walter Henry Allen (B. 7th July 1914, D. 14th January 1985)
11th July 1974FalkenderMarcia Matilda Williams (B. 10th March 1932)
12th July 1974WolfendenJohn Frederick Wolfenden (B. 26th June 1906, D. 18th January 1985)
2nd September 1974Alexander of PotterhillWilliam Picken Alexander (B. 13th December 1905, D. 9th September 1993)
18th November 1974Ramsey of CanterburyArthur Michael Ramsey (B. 14th November 1904, D. 23rd April 1988)
19th December 1974Home of the HirselAlexander Frederick Douglas-Home (B. 2nd July 1903, D. 9th October 1995)

2nd January 1975Paget of NorthamptonReginald Thomas Paget (B. 2nd September 1908, D. 2nd January 1990)
3rd January 1975AshdownArnold Silverstone (B. 28th September 1911, D. 24th July 1977)
6th January 1975BarberAnthony Perrinott Lysberg Barber (B. 4th July 1920)
7th January 1975BanksDesmond Anderson Harvie Banks (B. 23rd October 1918, D. 15th June 1997)
8th January 1975CudlippHugh Kusman Cudlipp (B. 28th August 1913, D. 17th May 1998)
9th January 1975Campbell of CroyGordon Thomas Calthrop Campbell (B. 8th June 1921)
10th January 1975Harmar-NichollsHarmar Nicholls (B. 1st November 1912, D. 15th September 2000)
14th January 1975Wilson of RadcliffeAlfred Wilson (B. 10th June 1909, D. 25th January 1983)
15th January 1975Stewart of AlvechurchMary Elizabeth Henderson Stewart (B. 8th May 1903, D. 28th December 1984)
16th January 1975BriginshawRichard William Briginshaw (B. 15th May 1908, D. 27th March 1992)
17th January 1975Wallace of CoslanyGeorge Douglas Wallace (B. 18th April 1906, D. 11th November 2003)
20th January 1975Bruce of DoningtonDonald William Trevor Bruce (B. 3rd October 1912)
21st January 1975Greene of Harrow WealdSidney Francis Greene (B. 12th February 1912, D. 26th July 2004)
22nd January 1975Lyons of BrightonDennis Lyons (B. 11th September 1918, D. 18th January 1978)
23rd January 1975Ward of North TynesideIrene Mary Bewick Ward (B. 23rd February 1895, D. 26th April 1980)
24th January 1975BalnielRobert Alexander Lindsay (B. 5th March 1927)
27th January 1975VickersJoan Helen Vickers (B. 3rd June 1907, D. 23rd May 1994)
28th January 1975PlurendenRudy Sternberg (B. 17th April 1917, D. 4th January 1978)
29th January 1975Armstrong of SandersteadWilliam Armstrong (B. 3rd March 1915, D. 12th July 1980)
30th January 1975PritchardDerek Wilbraham Pritchard (B. 8th June 1910, D. 16th October 1995)
31st January 1975GibsonRichard Patrick Tallentyre Gibson (B. 5th February 1916, D. 20th April 2004)
3rd February 1975Pitt of HampsteadDavid Thomas Pitt (B. 3rd October 1913, D. 18th December 1994)
10th July 1975LeverLeslie Maurice Lever (B. 29th April 1905, D. 26th July 1977)
11th July 1975GregsonJohn Gregson (B. 29th January 1924)
14th July 1975BarnetsonWilliam Denholm Barnetson (B. 21st March 1917, D. 12th March 1981)
15th July 1975Ryder of Eaton HastingsSydney Thomas Franklin Ryder (B. 16th September 1916, D. 12th May 2003)
16th July 1975JacobsonSydney Jacobson (B. 26th October 1908, D. 13th August 1988)
17th July 1975KirkhillJohn Farquharson Smith (B. 7th May 1930)

14th January 1976BrookesRaymond Percival Brookes (B. 10th April 1909, D. 31st July 2002)
15th January 1976Carr of HadleyLeonard Robert Carr (B. 11th November 1916)
16th January 1976BradwellThomas Edward Neil Driberg (B. 22nd May 1905, D. 12th August 1976)
19th January 1976McCarthyWilliam Edward John McCarthy (B. 30th July 1925)
20th January 1976NorthfieldWilliam Donald Chapman (B. 25th November 1923)
21st January 1976ParryGordon Samuel David Parry (B. 30th November 1925, D. 1st September 2004)
22nd January 1976OramAlbert Edward Oram (B. 13th August 1913, D. 4th September 1999)
23rd January 1976WinstanleyMichael Platt Winstanley (B. 27th August 1918, D. 18th July 1993)
26th January 1976FaithfullLucy Faithfull (B. 26th December 1910, D. 13th March 1996)
27th January 1976SchonFrank Schon (B. 18th May 1912, D. 7th January 1995)
29th January 1976BrimelowThomas Brimelow (B. 25th October 1915, D. 2nd August 1995)
30th January 1976BullockAlan Louis Charles Bullock (B. 13th December 1914, D. 2nd February 2004)
3rd February 1976Wilson of High WrayPaul Norman Wilson (B. 24th October 1908, D. 24th February 1980)
5th February 1976WallJohn Edward Wall (B. 15th February 1913, D. 29th December 1980)
8th March 1976Selwyn-LloydJohn Selwyn Brooke Lloyd (B. 28th July 1904, D. 17th May 1978)
22nd June 1976GradeLouis Winogradsky (B. 25th December 1906, D. 13th December 1998)
23rd June 1976VaizeyJohn Ernest Vaizey (B. 10th October 1929, D. 19th July 1984)
24th June 1976StoneJoseph Ellis Stone (B. 27th May 1903, D. 17th July 1986)
25th June 1976WeidenfeldArthur George Weidenfeld (B. 13th September 1919)
28th June 1976Murray of GravesendAlbert James Murray (B. 9th January 1930, D. 10th February 1980)
29th June 1976DelfontBernard Delfont (B. 5th September 1909, D. 28th July 1994)
30th June 1976KaganJoseph Kaganas (B. 6th July 1915, D. 17th January 1995)
1st July 1976Boston of FavershamTerence George Boston (B. 21st March 1930)
2nd July 1976BrittenEdward Benjamin Britten (B. 22nd November 1913, D. 4th December 1976)
12th July 1976Allen of AbbeydalePhilip Allen (B. 8th July 1912)
19th July 1976BriggsAsa Briggs (B. 7th May 1921)
2nd August 1976RayneMax Rayne (B. 8th February 1918, D. 10th October 2003)
23rd September 1976PeartThomas Frederick Peart (B. 30th April 1914,D. 26th August 1988)
29th September 1976McCluskeyJohn Herbert McCluskey (B. 12th June 1929)
18th October 1976Jackson of LodworthBarbara Mary Jackson (B. 23rd May 1914, D. 31st May 1981)

28th January 1977GlenamaraEdward Watson Short (B. 17th December 1912)
1st February 1977BakerJohn Fleetwood Baker (B. 19th March 1901, D. 9th September 1985)
7th February 1977Faulkner of DownpatrickArthur Brian Deane Faulkner (B. 18th February 1921, D. 3rd March 1977)
8th February 1977Saint BridesJohn Morrice Cairns James (B. 30th April 1916, D. 26th November 1989)
23rd March 1977Thomson of MonifiethGeorge Morgan Thomson (B. 16th January 1921)
15th July 1977CarverRichard Michael Power Carver (B. 24th April 1915, D. 9th December 2001)
18th July 1977ChitnisPratap Chidamber Chitnis (B. 1st May 1936)
19th July 1977Roll of IpsdenEric Roll (B. 1st December 1907)
20th July 1977Wedderburn of CharltonKenneth William Wedderburn (B. 13th April 1927)
20th July 1977Noel-BakerPhilip John Noel-Baker (B. 1st November 1889, D. 8th October 1982)

7th February 1978Charteris of AmisfieldMartin Michael Charles Charteris (B. 7th September 1913, D. 23rd December 1999)
8th February 1978CrohamDouglas Albert Vivian Allen (B. 15th December 1917)
9th February 1978McGregor of DurrisOliver Ross McGregor (B. 25th August 1921, D. 10th November 1997)
27th February 1978LockwoodBetty Lockwood (B. 22nd January 1924)
20th March 1978Young of DartingtonMichael Young (B. 9th August 1915, D. 14th January 2002)
14th April 1978CockfieldFrancis Arthur Cockfield (B. 28th September 1916)
17th April 1978Rawlinson of EwellPeter Anthony Grayson Rawlinson (B. 26th June 1919)
19th April 1978SoamesArthur Christopher John Soames (B. 12th October 1920, D. 17th September 1987)
21st April 1978Howie of TroonWilliam Howie (B. 2nd March 1924)
24th April 1978Evans of ClaughtonDavid Thomas Gruffydd Evans (B. 9th February 1928, D. 22nd March 1992)
26th April 1978WhaddonJohn Derek Page (B. 14th August 1927)
28th April 1978DavidNora Ratcliff David (B. 23rd September 1913)
2nd May 1978LeonardJohn Denis Leonard (B. 18th October 1909, D. 17th July 1983)
3rd May 1978Sefton of GarstonWilliam Henry Sefton (B. 5th August 1915, D. 9th September 2001)
4th May 1978Taylor of BlackburnThomas Taylor (B. 10th June 1929)
5th May 1978Hatch of LusbyJohn Charles Hatch (B. 1st November 1917, D. 11th October 1992)
9th May 1978PlantCyril Thomas Howe Plant (B. 27th August 1910, D. 9th August 1986)
10th May 1978MishconVictor Mishcon (B. 14th August 1915)
11th May 1978Buxton of AlsaAubrey Leland Oakes Buxton (B. 15th August 1918)
16th May 1978Hutchinson of LullingtonJeremy Nicholas St. John Hutchinson (B. 28th March 1915)
19th May 1978Donnet of BalgayAlexander Mitchell Donnet (B. 6th June 1916, D. 14th May 1985)
10th July 1978DeningtonEvelyn Joyce Denington (B. 9th August 1907, D. 22nd August 1998)
13th July 1978SmithRodney Smith (B. 10th May 1914, D. 1st July 1998)
17th July 1978Hunter of NewingtonRobert Brockie Hunter (B. 14th July 1915, D. 24th March 1994)
18th July 1978ReillyPaul Reilly (B. 29th May 1912, D. 11th October 1990)
21st July 1978BleaseWilliam John Blease (B. 28th May 1914)

31st January 1979Ryder of WarsawMargaret Susan Ryder (B. 3rd July 1923, D. 2nd November 2000)
2nd February 1979RichardsonJohn Samuel Richardson (B. 16th June 1910, D. 15th August 2004)
5th February 1979Hill-NortonPeter John Hill-Norton (B. 8th February 1915, D. 16th May 2004)
7th February 1979MilesBernard James Miles (B. 27th September 1907, D. 14th June 1991)
9th February 1979Perry of WaltonWalter Laing MacDonald Perry (B. 16th June 1921, D. 18th July 2003)
19th February 1979ScanlonHugh Parr Scanlon (B. 26th October 1913, D. 27th January 2004)
20th February 1979FlowersBrian Hilton Flowers (B. 13th September 1924)
21st May 1979BellwinIrwin Norman Bellow (B. 7th February 1923, D. 11th February 2001)
3rd July 1979Lever of ManchesterNorman Harold Lever (B. 15th January 1914, D. 6th August 1995)
5th July 1979Stewart of FulhamRobert Michael Maitland Stewart (B. 6th November 1906, D. 10th March 1990)
6th July 1979MacKay of ClashfernJames Peter Hymers MacKay (B. 2nd July 1924)
9th July 1979StraussGeorge Russell Strauss (B. 18th July 1901, D. 5th June 1993)
10th July 1979 AMIrving of DartfordSydney Irving (B. 1st July 1918, D. 18th December 1989)
10th July 1979 PMGalpernMyer Galpern (B. 1st January 1903, D. 23rd September 1993)
11th July 1979 AMJegerLena May Jeger (B. 19th November 1915)
11th July 1979 PMRentonDavid Lockhart-Mure Renton (B. 12th August 1908)
12th July 1979 AMGodber of WillingtonJoseph Bradshaw Godber (B. 17th March 1914, D. 25th August 1980)
12th July 1979 PMUnderhillHenry Reginald Underhill (B. 8th May 1914, D. 12th March 1993)
16th July 1979Cledwyn of PenrhosCledwyn Hughes (B. 14th September 1916, D. 22nd February 2001)
17th July 1979Brooks of TremorfaJohn Edward Brooks (B. 12th April 1927)
18th July 1979LowryRobert Lynd Erskine Lowry (B. 30th January 1919, D. 15th January 1999)
19th July 1979Harris of High CrossRalph Harris (B. 10th December 1924)
24th July 1979Ross of MarnockWilliam Ross (B. 7th April 1911, D. 10th June 1988)
25th July 1979Murton of LindisfarneHenry Oscar Murton (B. 8th May 1914)
26th July 1979HoosonHugh Emlyn Hooson (B. 26th March 1925)
30th July 1979McFarlane of LlandaffJean Kennedy McFarlane (B. 1st April 1926)
6th August 1979Airey of AbingdonDiana Josceline Barbara Neave (B. 7th July 1919, D. 27th November 1992)
7th August 1979HoldernessRichard Frederick Wood (B. 5th October 1920, D. 11th August 2002)
7th September 1979Gibson-WattJames David Gibson-Watt (B. 11th September 1918, D. 7th February 2002)
27th September 1979Dacre of GlantonHugh Redwald Trevor-Roper (B. 15th January 1914, D. 26th January 2003)
2nd October 1979Skrimshire of QuarterMargaret Betty Harvie Anderson (B. 12th August 1913, D. 7th November 1979)

28th January 1980CogganFrederick Donald Coggan (B. 9th October 1909, D. 17th May 2000)
4th February 1980TrumpingtonJean Alys Barker (B. 23rd October 1922)
6th February 1980Keith of CastleacreKenneth Alexander Keith (B. 30th August 1916, D. 1st September 2004)
8th February 1980Hunt of TanworthJohn Joseph Benedict Hunt (B. 23rd October 1919)
11th February 1980EmslieGeorge Carlyle Emslie (B. 6th December 1919)
14th February 1980Sieff of BrimptonMarcus Joseph Sieff (B. 2nd July 1913, D. 23rd February 2001)
21st February 1980McAlpine of MoffatRobert Edwin McAlpine (B. 23rd April 1907, D. 7th January 1990)
10th July 1980BoardmanThomas Grey Boardman (B. 12th January 1919, D. 10th March 2003)
11th July 1980Marshall of LeedsFrank Shaw Marshall (B. 26th September 1915, D. 1st November 1990)
17th July 1980WeinstockArnold Weinstock (B.29th July 1924, D. 23rd July 2002)
22nd July 1980MatthewsVictor Collin Matthews (B. 5th December 1919, D. 5th December 1995)
1st September 1980McFadzean of KelvinsideFrancis Scott McFadzean (B. 26th November 1915, D. 23rd May 1992)

2nd February 1981BensonHenry Alexander Benson (B. 2nd August 1909, D. 5th March 1995)
16th February 1981SwannMichael Meredith Swann (B. 1st March 1920, D. 22nd September 1990)
11th May 1981TordoffGeoffrey Johnson Tordoff (B. 11th October 1928)
12th May 1981MolloyWilliam John Molloy (B. 26th October 1918, D. 26th May 2001)
14th May 1981Jenkins of PutneyHugh Gater Jenkins (B. 27th July 1908, D. 26th January 2004)
18th May 1981John-MackieJohn Mackie (B. 24th November 1909, D. 25th May 1994)
19th May 1981Lane-FoxFelicity Lane-Fox (B. 28th June 1918, D. 17th April 1988)
21st May 1981BishopstonEdward Stanley Bishop (B. 3rd October 1920, D. 19th April 1984)
22nd May 1981Ewart-BiggsFelicity Jane Ewart-Biggs (B. 22nd August 1929, D. 7th October 1992)
26th May 1981BeloffMax Beloff (B. 2nd July 1913, D. 22nd March 1999)
27th May 1981Elystan-MorganDafydd Elystan Morgan (B. 1st December 1932)
28th May 1981Platt of WrittleBeryl Catherine Platt (B. 18th April 1923)
29th May 1981Plummer of St. MaryleboneArthur Desmond Herne Plummer (B. 25th May 1914)
1st June 1981Stodart of LeastonJames Anthony Stodart (B. 6th June 1916, D. 31st May 2003)
2nd June 1981Campbell of AllowayAlan Robertson Campbell (B. 24th May 1917)
16th June 1981Thomas of SwynnertonHugh Swynnerton Thomas (B. 21st October 1931)
19th June 1981Gardner of ParkesRachel Trixie Anne Gardner (B. 17th July 1927)
6th July 1981MayhewChristopher Paget Mayhew (B. 12th June 1915, D. 7th January 1997)
15th July 1981MarshRichard William Marsh (B. 14th March 1928)
21st July 1981Constantine of StanmoreTheodore Constantine (B. 15th March 1910, D. 13th February 2004)
22nd September 1981KadoorieLawrence Kadoorie (B. 2nd June 1899, D. 25th August 1993)

2nd February 1982ForteCharles Forte (B. 26th November 1908)
8th February 1982CayzerWilliam Nicholas Cayzer (B. 21st January 1905, D. 16th April 1999)
10th February 1982BancroftIan Powell Bancroft (B. 23rd December 1922, D. 19th November 1996)
21st May 1982Maclehose of BeochCrawford Murray Maclehose (B. 16th October 1917, D. 27th May 2000)
14th July 1982Carnegy of LourElizabeth Patricia Carnegy (B. 28th April 1925)
16th July 1982PennockRaymond William Pennock (B. 16th June 1920, D. 23rd February 1993)
20th July 1982GormleyJoseph Gormley (B. 5th July 1917, D. 27th May 1993)
19th November 1982LewinTerence Thornton Lewin (B. 19th November 1920, D. 23rd January 1999)

17th January 1983McIntosh of HaringeyAndrew Robert McIntosh (B. 30th July 1933)
20th January 1983NicolOlive Mary Wendy Nicol (B. 21st March 1923)
24th January 1983CoxCaroline Anne Cox (B. 6th July 1937)
27th January 1983Taylor of HadfieldFrancis Taylor (B. 7th January 1905, D. 15th February 1995)
31st January 1983IngrowJohn Aked Taylor (B. 15th August 1917, D. 7th February 2002)
2nd February 1983EzraDerek Ezra (B. 23rd February 1919)
3rd February 1983RaynerDerek George Rayner (B. 30th March 1926, D. 26th June 1998)
7th February 1983QuintonAnthony Meredith Quinton (B. 25th March 1925)
9th February 1983Prys-DaviesGwilym Prys Davies (B. 8th December 1923)
10th February 1983BauerPeter Tomas Bauer (B. 6th November 1915, D. 3rd May 2002)
11th February 1983Richardson of DuntisbourneGordon William Humphreys Richardson (B. 25th November 1915)
14th March 1983Cameron of BalhousieNeil Cameron (B. 8th July 1920, D. 29th January 1985)
28th March 1983GallacherJohn Gallacher (B. 7th May 1920, D. 4th January 2004)
30th June 1983HansonJames Edward Hanson (B. 20th January 1922, D. 1st November 2004)
1st July 1983Howard of HenderskelfeGeorge Anthony Geoffrey Howard (B. 22nd May 1920, D. 27th November 1984)
4th July 1983Gray of ContinJames Hector Northey Gray (B. 28th June 1927)
15th July 1983King of WartnabyJohn Leonard King (B. 29th August 1917)
5th September 1983BlanchStuart Yarworth Blanch (B. 2nd February 1918, D. 3rd June 1994)
7th September 1983StallardAlbert William Stallard (B. 5th November 1921)
9th September 1983EnnalsDavid Hedley Ennals (B. 19th August 1922, D. 17th June 1995)
12th September 1983Graham of EdmontonThomas Edward Graham (B. 26th November 1925)
14th September 1983Stoddart of SwindonDavid Leonard Stoddart (B. 4th May 1926)
16th September 1983Wilson of RievaulxJames Harold Wilson (B. 11th March 1916, D. 24th May 1995)
19th September 1983Maude of Stratford-upon-AvonAngus Edmund Upton Maude (B. 8th September 1912, D. 9th November 1993)
21st September 1983BroxbourneDerek Colcough Walker-Smith (B. 13th April 1910, D. 22nd January 1992)
23rd September 1983Kaberry of AdelDonald Kaberry (B. 18th August 1907, D. 13th March 1991)
27th September 1983Fanshawe of RichmondAnthony Henry Fanshawe Royle (B. 27th March 1927, D. 28th December 2001)
28th September 1983Dean of BeswickJoseph Jabez Dean (B. 3rd June 1922, D. 26th February 1999)
30th September 1983BarnettJoel Barnett (B. 14th October 1923)
3rd October 1983Eden of WintonJohn Benedict Eden (B. 15th September 1925)
5th October 1983Peyton of YeovilJohn Wynne William Peyton (B. 13th February 1919)
7th October 1983Bruce-GardyneJohn Bruce-Gardyne (B. 12th April 1930, D. 15th April 1990)
10th October 1983Carmichael of KelvingroveNeil George Carmichael (B. 10th October 1921, D. 19th July 2001)
12th October 1983GrimondJoseph Grimond (B. 29th July 1913, D. 24th October 1993)
14th October 1983FittGerard Fitt (B. 9th April 1926)

30th January 1984MulleyFrederick William Mulley (B. 3rd July 1918, D. 15th March 1995)
31st January 1984BottomleyArthur George Bottomley (B. 7th February 1907, D. 3rd November 1995)
1st February 1984Henderson of BromptonPeter Gordon Henderson (B. 16th September 1922, D. 13th January 2000)
2nd February 1984McAlpine of West GreenRobert Alistair McAlpine (B. 14th May 1942)
8th June 1984Cameron of LochbroomKenneth John Cameron (B. 11th June 1931)
10th October 1984Young of GraffhamDavid Ivor Young (B. 27th February 1932)

4th February 1985ChappleFrancis Joseph Chapple (B. 8th August 1921, D. 19th October 2004)
6th February 1985WarnockHelen Mary Warnock (B. 14th April 1924)
7th February 1985VinsonNigel Vinson (B. 27th January 1931)
14th February 1985Murray of Epping ForestLionel Murray (B. 2nd August 1922, D. 20th May 2004)
9th May 1985KimballMarcus Richard Kimball (B. 18th October 1928)
13th May 1985Silkin of DulwichSamuel Charles Silkin (B. 6th March 1918, D. 17th August 1988)
15th May 1985ButterworthJohn Blackstock Butterworth (B. 13th March 1918, D. 19th June 2003)
16th May 1985Elliott of MorpethRobert William Elliott (B. 11th December 1920)
17th May 1985Crawshaw of AintreeRichard Crawshaw (B. 25th September 1917, D. 16th July 1986)
21st May 1985DonoughueBernard Donoughue (B. 8th September 1934)
22nd May 1985Williams of ElvelCharles Cuthbert Powell Williams (B. 9th February 1933)
29th May 1985Turner of CamdenMuriel Winifred Turner (B. 18th September 1922)
30th May 1985Morton of ShunaHugh Drennan Baird Morton (B. 10th April 1930, D. 26th April 1995)
5th June 1985Sanderson of BowdenCharles Russell Sanderson (B. 30th April 1933)
10th June 1985HooperGloria Dorothy Hooper (B. 25th May 1939)
13th June 1985WolfsonLeonard Gordon Wolfson (B. 11th November 1927)
12th July 1985MellishRobert John Mellish (B. 3rd March 1913, D. 9th May 1998)
22nd July 1985Marshall of GoringWalter Charles Marshall (B. 5th March 1932, D. 20th February 1996)

14th February 1986DaintonFrederick Sydney Dainton (B. 11th November 1914, D. 5th December 1997)
21st July 1986Bonham-CarterMark Raymond Bonham-Carter (B. 11th February 1922, D. 4th September 1994)
22nd July 1986Moore of WolvercotePhilip Brian Cecil Moore (B. 6th April 1921)
23rd September 1986DeedesWilliam Francis Deedes (B. 1st June 1913)

3rd February 1987Wyatt of WeefordWoodrow Lyle Wyatt (B. 4th July 1918, D. 7th December 1997)
9th February 1987BramallEdwin Noel Westby Bramall (B. 18th December 1923)
3rd March 1987Stevens of LudgateDavid Robert Stevens (B. 26th May 1936)
18th March 1987BlackstoneTessa Ann Vosper Blackstone (B. 27th September 1942)
23rd March 1987CarterDenis Victor Carter (B. 17th January 1932)
24th March 1987PestonMaurice Harry Peston (B. 19th March 1931)
25th March 1987Irvine of LairgAlexander Andrew Mackay Irvine (B. 23rd June 1940)
30th March 1987Johnston of RockportCharles Collier Johnston (B. 4th March 1915, D. 30th April 2002)
31st March 1987BasnettDavid Basnett (B. 9th February 1924, D. 25th January 1989)
3rd April 1987TraffordJoseph Anthony Porteous Trafford (B. 20th July 1932, D. 16th September 1989)
6th April 1987PlumbCharles Henry Plumb (B. 27th March 1925)
8th April 1987GooldJames Duncan Goold (B. 28th May 1934, D. 27th July 1997)
22nd June 1987HaversRobert Michael Oldfield Havers (B. 10th March 1923, D. 1st April 1992)
4th July 1987BlatchEmily May Blatch (B. 24th July 1937)
14th July 1987ChilverAmos Henry Chilver (B. 30th October 1926)
22nd July 1987KnightsPhilip Douglas Knights (B. 3rd October 1920)
5th October 1987Rippon of HexhamAubrey Geoffrey Francis Rippon (B. 28th May 1924, D. 28th January 1997)
6th October 1987Cocks of HartcliffeMichael Francis Lovell Cocks (B. 19th August 1929, D. 26th March 2001)
7th October 1987Thomas of GwydirPeter John Mitchell Thomas (B. 31st July 1920)
8th October 1987JayDouglas Patrick Thomas Jay (B. 23rd March 1907, D. 6th March 1996)
9th October 1987PymFrancis Leslie Pym (B. 13th February 1922)
12th October 1987JosephKeith Sinjohn Joseph (B. 17th January 1918, D. 10th December 1994)
13th October 1987Dormand of EasingtonJohn Donkins Dormand (B. 27th August 1919, D. 19th December 2003)
14th October 1987PriorJames Michael Leathes Prior (B. 11th October 1927)
15th October 1987CrickhowellRoger Nicholas Edwards (B. 25th February 1934)
16th October 1987ColnbrookHumphrey Edward Gregory Atkins (B. 12th August 1922, D. 4th October 1996)
19th October 1987St. John of FawsleyNorman Anthony Francis St. John-Stevas (B. 18th May 1929)
20th October 1987Mason of BarnsleyRoy Mason (B. 18th April 1924)
2nd November 1987Carlisle of BucklowMark Carlisle (B. 7th July 1929)
3rd November 1987Jenkin of RodingCharles Patrick Fleeming Jenkin (B. 7th September 1926)
4th November 1987Ross of NewportStephen Sherlock Ross (B. 6th July 1926, D. 10th May 1993)
5th November 1987Callaghan of CardiffLeonard James Callaghan (B. 27th March 1912)
16th November 1987ReesPeter Wynford Innes Rees (B. 9th December 1926)
20th November 1987Jenkins of HillheadRoy Harris Jenkins (B. 11th November 1920, D. 5th January 2003)

5th February 1988JakobovitsImmanuel Jakobovits (B. 8th February 1921, D. 31st October 1999)
8th February 1988Hart of South LanarkJudith Constance Mary Hart (B. 18th September 1924, D. 8th December 1991)
15th February 1988Donaldson of LymingtonJohn Francis Donaldson (B. 6th October 1920)
26th February 1988Armstrong of IlminsterRobert Temple Armstrong (B. 30th March 1927)
11th July 1988Alexander of WeedonRobert Scott Alexander (B. 5th September 1936)
8th August 1988Rees-MoggWilliam Rees-Mogg (B. 14th July 1928)
10th August 1988ButterfieldWilliam John Hughes Butterfield (B. 28th March 1920, D. 22nd July 2000)
18th October 1988Mackenzie-StuartAlexander John Mackenzie Stuart (B. 18th November 1924, D. 1st April 2000)

9th January 1989Macaulay of BragarDonald Macaulay (B. 14th November 1933)
8th February 1989Lewis of NewnhamJack Lewis (B. 13th February 1928)
9th February 1989Oppenheim-BarnesSally Oppenheim-Barnes (B. 26th July 1928)
10th February 1989Fraser of CarmylliePeter Lovat Fraser (B. 29th May 1945)
21st July 1989Sharp of GrimsdykeEric Sharp (B. 17th August 1916, D. 2nd May 1994)
24th July 1989Walton of DetchantJohn Nicholas Walton (B. 16th September 1922)
25th July 1989McColl of DulwichIan McColl (B. 6th January 1933)
31st July 1989Sainsbury of Preston CandoverJohn Davan Sainsbury (B. 2nd November 1927)

26th February 1990FieldhouseJohn David Elliott Fieldhouse (B. 12th February 1928, D. 17th February 1992)
27th February 1990Park of MonmouthDaphne Margaret Sybil Desirée Park (B. 1st September 1921)
28th February 1990TombsFrancis Leonard Tombs (B. 17th May 1924)
8th May 1990Clinton-DavisStanley Clinton Davis (B. 6th December 1928)
9th May 1990Morris of Castle MorrisBrian Robert Morris (B. 4th December 1930, D. 30th April 2001)
10th May 1990Eccles of MoultonDiana Catherine Eccles (B. 4th October 1933)
14th May 1990RichardIvor Seward Richard (B. 30th May 1932)
16th May 1990Wade of ChorltonWilliam Oulton Wade (B. 24th December 1932)
17th May 1990Cavendish of FurnessRichard Hugh Cavendish (B. 2nd November 1941)
18th May 1990CumberlegeJulia Frances Cumberlege (B. 27th January 1943)
21st May 1990BrigstockeHeather Renwick Brigstocke (B. 2nd September 1929, D. 30th April 2004)
22nd May 1990Soulsby of Swaffham PriorErnest Jackson Lawson Soulsby (B. 23rd June 1926)
29th May 1990Holme of CheltenhamRichard Gordon Holme (B. 27th May 1936)
30th May 1990VarleyEric Graham Varley (B. 11th August 1932)
1st June 1990Hollis of HeighamPatricia Lesley Hollis (B. 24th May 1941)
11th June 1990FlatherShreela Flather (B. 13th February 1934)
18th June 1990Pearson of RannochMalcolm Everard MacLaren Pearson (B. 20th July 1942)
16th July 1990 AMPorter of LuddenhamGeorge Porter (B. 6th December 1920, D. 31st August 2002)
16th July 1990 PMCastle of BlackburnBarbara Anne Castle (B. 6th October 1910, D. 3rd May 2002)
17th July 1990Lane of HorsellPeter Stewart Lane (B. 29th January 1925)
13th August 1990HaslamRobert Haslam (B. 4th February 1923, D. 2nd November 2002)
24th August 1990DunnLydia Selena Dunn (B. 29th February 1940)
4th December 1990WaddingtonDavid Charles Waddington (B. 2nd August 1929)

17th January 1991Sterling of PlaistowJeffrey Maurice Sterling (B. 27th December 1934)
25th January 1991White of HullVincent Gordon Lindsay White (B. 11th May 1923, D. 23rd August 1995)
1st February 1991RuncieRobert Alexander Kennedy Runcie (B. 2nd October 1921, D. 11th July 2000)
4th February 1991PalumboPeter Garth Palumbo (B. 20th July 1935)
5th February 1991Griffiths of FforestfachBrian Griffiths (B. 27th December 1941)
7th February 1991James of Holland ParkPhyllis Dorothy James (B. 3rd August 1920)
8th February 1991Laing of DunphailHector Laing (B. 12th May 1923)
14th February 1991SeccombeJoan Anna Dalziel Seccombe (B. 3rd May 1930)
26th March 1991Wolfson of SunningdaleDavid Wolfson (B. 9th November 1935)
5th June 1991DesaiMeghnad Jagdishchandra Desai (B. 10th July 1940)
6th June 1991HamweeSally Rachel Hamwee (B. 12th January 1947)
7th June 1991MarlesfordMark Shuldham Schreiber (B. 11th September 1931)
10th June 1991JuddFrank Ashcroft Judd (B. 28th March 1935)
11th June 1991Denton of WakefieldJean Denton (B. 29th December 1935, D. 5th February 2001)
14th June 1991Hilton of EggardonJennifer Hilton (B. 12th January 1936)
19th June 1991MallalieuAnn Mallalieu (B. 27th November 1945)
20th June 1991HollickClive Richard Hollick (B. 20th May 1945)
21st June 1991O’CathainDetta O’Cathain (B. 3rd February 1938)
24th June 1991Renfrew of KaimsthornAndrew Colin Renfrew (B. 25th July 1937)
26th June 1991MacKay of ArdbrecknishJohn Jackson MacKay (B. 15th November 1938, D. 21st February 2001)
15th July 1991SkidelskyRobert Jacob Alexander Skidelsky (B. 25th April 1939)
16th July 1991Perry of SouthwarkPauline Perry (B. 15th October 1931)
17th July 1991CheshireGeorge Leonard Cheshire (B. 7th September 1917, D. 31st July 1992)
29th July 1991Macfarlane of BearsdenNorman Somerville Macfarlane (B. 5th March 1926)
30th July 1991Craig of RadleyDavid Brownrigg Craig (B. 17th September 1929)

27th January 1992RixBrian Norman Roger Rix (B. 27th January 1924)
30th January 1992PrenticeReginald Ernest Prentice (B. 16th July 1923, D. 18th January 2001)
12th February 1992Rodgers of Quarry BankWilliam Thomas Rodgers (B. 28th October 1928)
14th February 1992Wilson of TillyornDavid Clive Wilson (B. 14th February 1935)
24th April 1992 AMWakehamJohn Wakeham (B. 22nd June 1932)
24th April 1992 PMChalker of WallaseyLynda Chalker (B. 29th April 1942)
27th April 1992Taylor of GosforthPeter Murray Taylor (B. 1st May 1930, D. 28th April 1997)
29th April 1992Rodger of EarlsferryAlan Ferguson Rodger (B. 18th September 1944)
26th June 1992ThatcherMargaret Hilda Thatcher (B. 13th October 1925)
27th June 1992FinsbergGeoffrey Finsberg (B. 13th June 1926, D. 8th October 1996)
29th June 1992 AMParkinsonCecil Edward Parkinson (B. 1st September 1931)
29th June 1992 PMHealeyDenis Winston Healey (B. 30th August 1917)
30th June 1992 AMOwenDavid Anthony Llewellyn Owen (B. 2nd July 1938)
30th June 1992 PMHowe of AberavonRichard Edward Geoffrey Howe (B. 20th December 1926)
1st July 1992 AMLawson of BlabyNigel Lawson (B. 11th March 1932)
1st July 1992 PMMerlyn-ReesMerlyn Rees (B. 18th December 1920)
2nd July 1992HowellDenis Herbert Howell (B. 4th September 1923, D. 19th April 1998)
3rd July 1992Moore of Lower MarshJohn Edward Michael Moore (B. 26th November 1937)
6th July 1992TebbitNorman Beresford Tebbit (B. 29th March 1931)
7th July 1992Younger of PrestwickGeorge Kenneth Hotson Younger (B. 22nd September 1931, D. 26th January 2003)
8th July 1992 AMAmery of LustleighHarold Julian Amery (B. 27th March 1919, D. 3rd September 1996)
8th July 1992 PMWalker of WorcesterPeter Edward Walker (B. 25th March 1932)
9th July 1992Archer of SandwellPeter Kingsley Archer (B. 20th November 1926)
10th July 1992Ashley of StokeJack Ashley (B. 6th December 1922)
14th July 1992EatwellJohn Leonard Eatwell (B. 2nd February 1945)
15th July 1992WeatherillBruce Bernard Weatherill (B. 25th November 1920)
17th July 1992Ewing of KirkfordHarry Ewing (B. 20th January 1931)
18th July 1992GeraintGeraint Wyn Howells (B. 15th April 1925, D. 17th April 2004)
20th July 1992StewartbyBernard Harold Ian Halley Stewart (B. 10th August 1935)
21st July 1992Clark of KempstonWilliam Gibson Haig Clark (B. 18th October 1917, D. 6th October 2004)
24th July 1992Plant of HighfieldRaymond Plant (B. 19th March 1945)
27th July 1992Archer of Weston-super-MareJeffrey Howard Archer (B. 15th April 1940)
28th July 1992Ridley of LiddesdaleNicholas Ridley (B. 17th February 1929, D. 4th March 1993)
29th July 1992Jay of PaddingtonMargaret Ann Jay (B. 18th November 1939)
30th July 1992Williams of MostynGareth Wyn Williams (B. 5th February 1941, D. 20th September 2003)
10th August 1992Braine of WheatleyBernard Richard Braine (B. 24th June 1914, D. 4th January 2000)
11th August 1992Cooke of IslandreaghVictor Alexander Cooke (B. 18th October 1920)
12th August 1992Barber of TewkesburyDerek Coates Barber (B. 17th June 1918)
21st August 1992HayhoeBernard John Hayhoe (B. 8th August 1925)
25th August 1992Gilmour of CraigmillarIan Hedworth John Little Gilmour (B. 8th July 1926)
18th September 1992Elis-ThomasDafydd Elis Thomas (B. 18th October 1946)

1st February 1993Williams of CrosbyShirley Vivien Teresa Brittain Williams (B. 27th July 1930)
14th July 1993KingsdownRobert Leigh-Pemberton (B. 5th January 1927)
15th July 1993DahrendorfRalf Dahrendorf (B. 1st May 1929)
19th July 1993MenuhinYehudi Menuhin (B. 22nd April 1916, D. 12th March 1999)
30th July 1993AttenboroughRichard Samuel Attenborough (B. 29th August 1923)
4th October 1993HaskelSimon Haskel (B. 8th October 1934)
5th October 1993Dean of HarptreeArthur Paul Dean (B. 14th September 1924)
6th October 1993Gould of PotternewtonJoyce Brenda Gould (B. 29th October 1932)
11th October 1993Dixon-SmithRobert William Dixon-Smith (B. 30th September 1934)
12th October 1993Dean of Thornton-le-FyldeBrenda McDowall (B. 29th April 1943)
13th October 1993Lester of Herne HillAnthony Paul Lester (B. 3rd July 1936)
14th October 1993Miller of HendonDoreen Miller (B. 13th June 1933)
15th October 1993TugendhatChristopher Samuel Tugendhat (B. 23rd February 1937)

10th February 1994Wright of RichmondPatrick Richard Henry Wright (B. 28th June 1931)
22nd March 1994NicksonDavid Wigley Nickson (B. 27th November 1929)
12th July 1994QuirkCharles Randolph Quirk (B. 12th July 1920)
14th July 1994Phillips of EllesmereDavid Chilton Phillips (B. 7th March 1924, D. 23rd February 1999)
6th September 1994Sheppard of DidgemereAllen John George Sheppard (B. 25th December 1932)
26th September 1994HambroCharles Eric Alexander Hambro (B. 24th July 1930, D. 7th November 2002)
27th September 1994DubsAlfred Max Dubs (B. 5th December 1932)
28th September 1994Gladwin of CleeDerek Oliver Gladwin (B. 6th June 1930, D. 10th April 2003)
29th September 1994Farrington of RibbletonJosephine Farrington (B. 29th June 1940)
30th September 1994Shaw of NorthsteadMichael Norman Shaw (B. 9th October 1920)
4th October 1994TopeGraham Norman Tope (B. 30th November 1943)
5th October 1994RawlingsPatricia Elizabeth Rawlings (B. 27th January 1939)
6th October 1994Thomas of WalliswoodSusan Petronella Thomas (B. 20th December 1935)
7th October 1994KingslandChristopher James Prout (B. 1st January 1942)
10th October 1994BlakerPeter Allen Renshaw Blaker (B. 4th October 1922)

3rd February 1995HoggSarah Elizabeth Mary Hogg (B. 14th May 1946)
10th February 1995McConnellRobert William Brian McConnell (B. 25th November 1922, D. 24th October 2000)
17th February 1995Smith of GilmorehillElizabeth Margaret Smith (B. 4th June 1940)
28th February 1995Hope of CraigheadJames Arthur David Hope (B. 27th June 1938)
24th July 1995Blyth of RowingtonJames Blyth (B. 8th May 1940)
25th July 1995CuckneyJohn Graham Cuckney (B. 12th July 1925)
25th August 1995EamesRobert Henry Alexander Eames (B. 27th April 1937)
8th September 1995HabgoodJohn Stapylton Habgood (B. 23rd June 1927)
13th December 1995Mackay of DrumadoonDonald Sage Mackay (B. 30th January 1946)
18th December 1995WinstonRobert Maurice Lipson Winston (B. 15th July 1940)
19th December 1995Wallace of SaltaireWilliam John Lawrence Wallace (B. 12th March 1941)
20th December 1995McNallyThomas McNally (B. 20th February 1943)
21st December 1995BorrieGordon Johnson Borrie (B. 13th March 1931)

2nd January 1996HaymanHélène Valerie Hayman (B. 26th March 1949)
10th January 1996SewelJohn Buttifant Sewel (B. 15th January 1946)
11th January 1996Harris of PeckhamPhilip Charles Harris (B. 15th September 1942)
12th January 1996Pilkington of OxenfordPeter Pilkington (B. 5th September 1933)
15th January 1996FeldmanBasil Feldman (B. 23rd September 1936)
16th January 1996WilcoxJudith Ann Wilcox (B. 31st October 1940)
17th January 1996BownessPeter Spencer Bowness (B. 19th May 1943)
5th February 1996TaverneDick Taverne (B. 18th October 1928)
16th February 1996Kilpatrick of KincraigRobert Kilpatrick (B. 29th July 1926)
21st February 1996Gillmore of ThamesfieldDavid Howe Gillmore (B. 16th August 1934, D. 20th March 1999)
3rd April 1996Cooke of ThorndonRobin Brunskill Cooke (B. 9th May 1926)
4th June 1996Bingham of CornhillThomas Henry Bingham (B. 13th October 1933)
19th August 1996Lloyd of HighburyJune Kathleen Lloyd (B. 1st January 1928)
3rd September 1996Vincent of ColeshillRichard Frederick Vincent (B. 23rd August 1931)
11th September 1996Hussey of North BradleyMarmaduke James Hussey (B. 29th August 1923)
30th September 1996Thomas of GresfordDonald Martin Thomas (B. 13th March 1937)
1st October 1996Currie of MaryleboneDavid Anthony Currie (B. 9th December 1946)
2nd October 1996Taylor of WarwickJohn David Beckett Taylor (B. 21st September 1952)
4th October 1996SaatchiMaurice Saatchi (B. 21st June 1946)
7th October 1996Symons of Vernham DeanElizabeth Conway Symons (B. 14th April 1951)
8th October 1996AlderdiceJohn Thomas Alderdice (B. 28th March 1955)
9th October 1996PaulSwraj Paul (B. 18th February 1931)
11th October 1996Ramsay of CartvaleMargaret Mildred Ramsay (B. 12th July 1936)
14th October 1996Anelay of St. JohnsJoyce Anne Anelay (B. 17th July 1947)
15th October 1996ByfordHazel Byford (B. 14th January 1941)
16th October 1996ChadlingtonPeter Selwyn Gummer (B. 24th August 1942)
17th October 1996Rogers of RiversideRichard George Rogers (B. 23rd July 1933)
18th October 1996MacLaurin of KnebworthIan Charter MacLaurin (B. 30th March 1937)
21st October 1996WhittyJohn Lawrence Whitty (B. 15th June 1943)

14th February 1997BagriRaj Kumar Bagri (B. 24th August 1930)
17th February 1997EmertonAudrey Caroline Emerton (B. 10th September 1935)
18th February 1997Lloyd-WebberAndrew Lloyd Webber (B. 22nd March 1948)
14th May 1997 AMHoyleEric Douglas Harvey Hoyle (B. 17th February 1930)
14th May 1997 PMFalconer of ThorotonCharles Leslie Falconer (B. 19th November 1951)
16th May 1997 AMSimon of HighburyDavid Alec Gwyn Simon (B. 24th July 1939)
16th May 1997 PMGilbertJohn William Gilbert (B. 5th April 1927)
21st May 1997HardieAndrew Rutherford Hardie (B. 8th January 1946)
3rd June 1997BiffenWilliam John Biffen (B. 3rd November 1930)
4th June 1997Lestor of EcclesJoan Lestor (B. 13th November 1931, D. 27th March 1998)
5th June 1997 AMJoplingThomas Michael Jopling (B. 10th December 1930)
5th June 1997 PMShore of StepneyPeter David Shore (B. 20th May 1924, D. 24th September 2001)
6th June 1997 AMHowell of GuildfordDavid Arthur Russell Howell (B. 18th January 1936)
6th June 1997 PMSteel of AikwoodDavid Martin Scott Steel (B. 31st March 1938)
9th June 1997 AMDixonDonald Dixon (B. 6th March 1929)
9th June 1997 PMRenton of Mount HarryRonald Timothy Renton (B. 28th May 1932)
10th June 1997 AMEvans of ParksideJohn Evans (B. 19th October 1930)
10th June 1997 PMMolyneaux of KilleadJames Henry Molyneaux (B. 27th August 1920)
11th June 1997 AMLofthouse of PontefractGeoffrey Lofthouse (B. 18th December 1925)
11th June 1997 PMKelvedonHenry Paul Guinness Channon (B. 9th October 1935)
12th June 1997 AMAlton of LiverpoolDavid Patrick Paul Alton (B. 15th March 1951)
12th June 1997 PMMayhew of TwysdenPatrick Barnabas Burke Mayhew (B. 11th September 1929)
13th June 1997Hurd of WestwellDouglas Richard Hurd (B. 8th March 1930)
16th June 1997Baker of DorkingKenneth Wilfred Baker (B. 3rd November 1934)
17th June 1997PattenJohn Haggitt Charles Patten (B. 17th July 1945)
18th July 1997Cowdrey of TonbridgeMichael Colin Cowdrey (B. 24th December 1932, D. 4th December 2000)
21st July 1997 AMIngePeter Anthony Inge (B. 5th August 1935)
21st July 1997 PMRussell-JohnstonDavid Russell Johnston (B. 28th July 1932)
22nd July 1997Levene of PortsokenPeter Keith Levene (B. 8th December 1941)
23rd September 1997 AMLevyMichael Abraham Levy (B. 11th July 1944)
23rd September 1997 PMKnight of CollingtreeJoan Christabel Jill Knight (B. 9th July 1927)
24th September 1997 AMAmosValerie Ann Amos (B. 13th March 1954)
24th September 1997 PMHogg of CumbernauldNorman Hogg (B. 12th March 1938)
25th September 1997 AMNewbyRichard Mark Newby (B. 14th February 1953)
25th September 1997 PMRandall of St. BudeauxStuart Jeffrey Randall (B. 22nd June 1938)
26th September 1997 AMRenwick of CliftonRobin William Renwick (B. 13th December 1937)
26th September 1997 PMWalker of DoncasterHarold Walker (B. 12th July 1927, D. 11th November 2003)
27th September 1997 AMHardy of WathPeter Hardy (B. 17th July 1931, D. 16th December 2003)
27th September 1997 PMHughes of WoodsideRobert Hughes (B. 31st January 1932)
29th September 1997 AMSelkirk of DouglasJames Alexander Douglas-Hamilton (B. 31st July 1942)
29th September 1997 PMLang of MonktonIan Bruce Lang (B. 27th June 1940)
30th September 1997 AMLudfordSarah Ann Ludford (B. 14th March 1951)
30th September 1997 PMFookesJanet Evelyn Fookes (B. 21st February 1936)
1st October 1997 AMDavies of CoityDavid Garfield Davies (B. 24th June 1935)
1st October 1997 PMRoberts of ConwyIeuan Wyn Pritchard Roberts (B. 10th July 1930)
2nd October 1997 AMSandbergMichael Graham Ruddock Sandberg (B. 31st May 1927)
2nd October 1997 PMBlackwellNorman Roy Blackwell (B. 29th July 1952)
3rd October 1997 AMSainsbury of TurvilleDavid John Sainsbury (B. 24th October 1940)
3rd October 1997 PMDavies of OldhamBryan Davies (B. 9th November 1939)
4th October 1997 AMGordon of StrathblaneJames Stuart Gordon (B. 17th May 1936)
4th October 1997 PMCope of BerkeleyJohn Ambrose Cope (B. 13th May 1937)
6th October 1997 AMPitkeathleyJill Elizabeth Pitkeathley (B. 4th January 1940)
6th October 1997 PMMorris of ManchesterAlfred Morris (B. 23rd March 1928)
18th October 1997JacobsDavid Anthony Jacobs (B. 13th November 1931)
20th October 1997 AMHunt of Kings HeathPhilip Alexander Hunt (B. 19th May 1949)
20th October 1997 PMHunt of WirralDavid James Fletcher Hunt (B. 21st May 1942)
21st October 1997 AMOrmeStanley Orme (B. 5th April 1923)
21st October 1997 PMBurlisonThomas Henry Burlison (B. 23rd May 1936)
22nd October 1997 AMRazzallEdward Timothy Razzall (B. 12th June 1943)
22nd October 1997 PMGarel-JonesWilliam Armand Thomas Tristan Garel-Jones (B. 28th February 1941)
23rd October 1997 AMGoodhartWilliam Howard Goodhart (B. 18th January 1933)
23rd October 1997 PMBrooke of AlverthorpeClive Brooke (B. 21st June 1942)
24th October 1997 AMRendell of BaberghRuth Barbara Rendell (B. 17th February 1930)
24th October 1997 PMDholakiaNavnit Dholakia (B. 4th March 1937)
25th October 1997 AMJanner of BraunstoneGreville Ewan Janner (B. 11th July 1928)
25th October 1997 PMIslwynRoyston John Hughes (B. 9th June 1925, D. 19th December 2003)
27th October 1997 AMPuttnamDavid Terence Puttnam (B. 25th February 1941)
27th October 1997 PMKennedy of The ShawsHelena Ann Kennedy (B. 12th May 1950)
28th October 1997 AMNasebyMichael Wolfgang Laurence Morris (B. 25th November 1936)
28th October 1997 PMHigginsTerence Langley Higgins (B. 18th January 1928)
29th October 1997 AMStone of BlackheathAndrew Zelig Stone (B. 7th September 1942)
29th October 1997 PMFreemanRoger Norman Freeman (B. 27th May 1942)
30th October 1997 AMMaddockDiana Margaret Maddock (B. 19th May 1945)
30th October 1997 PMScotland of AsthalPatricia Janet Scotland (B. 19th August 1955)
31st October 1997 AMOnslow of WokingCranley Gordon Douglas Onslow (B. 8th June 1926, D. 13th March 2001)
31st October 1997 PMNewton of BraintreeAntony Harold Newton (B. 29th August 1937)
1st November 1997 AMMontague of OxfordMichael Jacob Montague (B. 10th March 1932, D. 5th November 1999)
1st November 1997 PMLinklater of ButterstoneVeronica Linklater (B. 15th April 1943)
3rd November 1997 AMBassam of BrightonJohn Steven Bassam (B. 11th June 1953)
3rd November 1997 PMNicholson of WinterbourneEmma Harriet Nicholson (B. 16th October 1941)
4th November 1997 AMYoung of Old SconeBarbara Scott Young (B. 8th April 1948)
4th November 1997 PMSmith of CliftonTrevor Arthur Smith (B. 14th June 1937)
5th November 1997 AMThomas of MacclesfieldTerence James Thomas (B. 19th October 1937)
5th November 1997 PMSimpson of DunkeldGeorge Simpson (B. 2nd July 1942)
6th November 1997 AMMonro of LangholmHector Seymour Peter Monro (B. 4th October 1922)
6th November 1997 PMWatson of InvergowrieMichael Goodall Watson (B. 1st May 1949)
22nd November 1997Ryder of WensumRichard Andrew Ryder (B. 4th February 1949)
24th November 1997HattersleyRoy Sydney George Hattersley (B. 28th December 1932)
28th November 1997Neill of BladenFrancis Patrick Neill (B. 8th August 1926)

12th February 1998Butler of BrockwellFrederick Edward Robin Butler (B. 3rd January 1938)
13th February 1998DearingRonald Ernest Dearing (B. 27th July 1930)
14th February 1998Sheppard of LiverpoolDavid Stuart Sheppard (B. 6th March 1929, D. 5th March 2005)
23rd February 1998HamlynPaul Hamlyn (B. 12th February 1926, D. 31st August 2001)
17th July 1998 AMMackenzie of FramwellgateBrian Mackenzie (B. 21st March 1943)
17th July 1998 PMClement-JonesTimothy Francis Clement-Jones (B. 26th October 1949)
18th July 1998 AMAlliWaheed Alli (B. 16th November 1964)
18th July 1998 PMUddinManzila Pola Uddin (B. 17th July 1959)
20th July 1998 AMMarshall of KnightsbridgeColin Marsh Marshall (B. 16th November 1933)
20th July 1998 PMBurnsTerence Burns (B. 13th March 1944)
21st July 1998 AMGoudieMary Teresa Goudie (B. 2nd September 1946)
21st July 1998 PMTomlinsonJohn Edward Tomlinson (B. 1st August 1939)
23rd July 1998 AMBuscombePeta Jane Buscombe (B. 12th March 1954)
23rd July 1998 PMThorntonDorothea Glenys Thornton (B. 16th October 1952)
24th July 1998 AMLamont of LerwickNorman Stewart Hughson Lamont (B. 8th May 1942)
24th July 1998 PMCrawleyChristine Mary Crawley (B. 9th January 1950)
25th July 1998 AMPhillips of SudburyAndrew Wyndham Phillips (B. 15th March 1939)
25th July 1998 PMHaskinsChristopher Robin Haskins (B. 30th May 1937)
27th July 1998 AMLamingWilliam Herbert Laming (B. 19th July 1936)
27th July 1998 PMBachWilliam Stephen Goulden Bach (B. 25th December 1946)
28th July 1998 AMMiller of Chilthorne DomerSusan Elizabeth Miller (B. 1st January 1954)
28th July 1998 PMEvans of WatfordDavid Charles Evans (B. 30th November 1942)
29th July 1998 AMWarnerNorman Reginald Warner (B. 8th September 1940)
29th July 1998 PMClarke of HampsteadAnthony James Clarke (B. 17th April 1932)
30th July 1998 AMChristopherAnthony Martin Grosvenor Christopher (B. 25th April 1925)
30th July 1998 PMBrookmanDavid Keith Brookman (B. 3rd January 1937)
31st July 1998 AMHanningfieldPaul Edward Winston White (B. 16th September 1940)
31st July 1998 PMBellTimothy John Leigh Bell (B. 18th October 1941)
1st August 1998 AMNorton of LouthPhilip Norton (B. 5th March 1951)
1st August 1998 PMSharp of GuildfordMargaret Lucy Sharp (B. 21st November 1938)
3rd August 1998 AMRichardson of CalowKathleen Margaret Richardson (B. 24th February 1938)
3rd August 1998 PMAhmedNazir Ahmed (B. 24th April 1957)
4th August 1998 AMBraggMelvyn Bragg (B. 6th October 1939)
4th August 1998 PMSawyerLawrence Sawyer (B. 12th May 1943)
5th August 1998Harris of HaringeyJonathan Toby Harris (B. 11th October 1953)
2nd October 1998Macdonald of TradestonAngus John Macdonald (B. 20th August 1940)

5th February 1999Williamson of HortonDavid Francis Williamson (B. 8th May 1934)
10th February 1999ImbertPeter Michael Imbert (B. 27th April 1933)
25th February 1999O’Neill of BengarveOnora Sylvia O’Neill (B. 23rd August 1941)
1st March 1999PatelNarendra Badubhai Patel (B. 11th May 1938)
2nd March 1999TrotmanAlexander Trotman (B. 22nd July 1933)
10th July 1999Warwick of UndercliffeDiana Mary Warwick (B. 16th July 1945)
12th July 1999FellowesRobert Fellowes (B. 11th December 1941)
13th July 1999 AMStevenson of CoddenhamHenry Dennistoun Stevenson (B. 19th July 1945)
13th July 1999 PMSternVivien Helen Stern (B. 25th September 1941)
14th July 1999 AMForsyth of DrumleanMichael Bruce Forsyth (B. 16th October 1954)
14th July 1999 PMFaulkner of WorcesterRichard Oliver Faulkner (B. 22nd March 1946)
15th July 1999 AMPrasharUsha Kumari Prashar (B. 29th June 1948)
15th July 1999 PMHanhamJoan Brownlow Hanham (B. 23rd September 1939)
16th July 1999 AMLairdJohn Dunn Laird (B. 23rd April 1944)
16th July 1999 PMRoganDennis Robert David Rogan (B. 30th June 1942)
19th July 1999 AMFoster of Thames BankNorman Robert Foster (B. 1st June 1935)
19th July 1999 PMElderThomas Murray Elder (B. 9th May 1940)
20th July 1999 AMLea of CrondallDavid Edward Lea (B. 2nd November 1937)
20th July 1999 PMBrettWilliam Henry Brett (B. 6th March 1942)
21st July 1999 AMRennardChristopher John Rennard (B. 8th July 1960)
21st July 1999 PMHowells of St. DavidsRosalind Patricia-Anne Howells (B. 10th January 1931)
22nd July 1999 AMBradshawWilliam Peter Bradshaw (B. 9th September 1936)
22nd July 1999 PMKing of West BromwichTarsem King (B. 24th April 1937)
23rd July 1999 AMWatson of RichmondAlan John Watson (B. 3rd February 1941)
23rd July 1999 PMKirkhamGraham Kirkham (B. 14th December 1944)
26th July 1999 AMGrabinerAnthony Stephen Grabiner (B. 21st March 1945)
26th July 1999 PMMassey of DarwenDoreen Elizabeth Massey (B. 5th September 1938)
27th July 1999 AMCarlile of BerriewAlexander Charles Carlile (B. 12th February 1948)
27th July 1999 PMOxburghErnest Ronald Oxburgh (B. 2nd November 1934)
28th July 1999 AMHarrisonLyndon Henry Arthur Harrison (B. 28th September 1947)
28th July 1999 PMWaldegrave of North HillWilliam Arthur Waldegrave (B. 15th August 1946)
29th July 1999 AMGoldsmithPeter Henry Goldsmith (B. 5th January 1950)
29th July 1999 PMFilkinDavid Geoffrey Nigel Filkin (B. 1st July 1944)
30th July 1999 AMLipseyDavid Lawrence Lipsey (B. 21st April 1948)
30th July 1999 PMWilkinsRosalie Catherine Wilkins (B. 6th May 1946)
31st July 1999 AMBloodMay Blood (B. 26th May 1938)
31st July 1999 PMBarkerElizabeth Jean Barker (B. 31st January 1961)
2nd August 1999 AMSharmanColin Morven Sharman (B. 19th February 1943)
2nd August 1999 PMAshton of UphollandCatherine Margaret Ashton (B. 20th March 1956)
3rd August 1999 AMMcIntosh of HudnallGenista Mary McIntosh (B. 23rd September 1946)
3rd August 1999 PMWoolmer of LeedsKenneth John Woolmer (B. 25th April 1940)
4th August 1999 AMGaleAnita Gale (B. 28th November 1940)
4th August 1999 PMMacKenzie of CulkeinHector Uisdean MacKenzie (B. 25th February 1940)
5th August 1999 AMSmith of LeighPeter Richard Charles Smith (B. 24th July 1945)
5th August 1999 PMWhitakerJanet Alison Whitaker (B. 20th February 1936)
6th August 1999 AMGavronRobert Gavron (B. 13th September 1930)
6th August 1999 PMHarris of RichmondAngela Felicity Harris (B. 4th January 1944)
24th August 1999Robertson of Port EllenGeorge Islay MacNeill Robertson (B. 12th April 1946)
16th November 1999, 9 AMLowToby Austin Richard William Low (B. 25th May 1914, D. 7th December 2000)
16th November 1999, 12 noonErroll of KilmunFrederick James Erroll (B. 27th May 1914, D. 14th September 2000)
16th November 1999, 3 PMArmstrong-JonesAntony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones (B. 7th March 1930)
16th November 1999, 6 PMPakenham of CowleyFrancis Aungier Pakenham (B. 5th December 1905, D. 3rd August 2001)
16th November 1999, 9 PMShepherd of SpaldingMalcolm Newton Shepherd (B. 27th September 1918, D. 5th April 2001)
16th November 1999, 11 PMHennessyDavid James George Hennessy (B. 28th January 1932)
17th November 1999, 6 AMJellicoe of SouthamptonGeorge Patrick John Rushworth Jellicoe (B. 4th April 1918)
17th November 1999, 9 AMGanzoniJohn Julian Ganzoni (B. 30th September 1932)
17th November 1999, 12 noonGascoyne-CecilRobert Michael James Gascoyne-Cecil (B. 30th September 1946)
17th November 1999, 3 PMCarington of UptonPeter Alexander Rupert Carrington (B. 6th June 1919)

9th February 2000Brittan of SpennithorneLeon Brittan (B. 25th September 1939)
10th February 2000GreengrossSally Ralea Greengross (B. 29th June 1935)
11th February 2000BirtJohn Francis Hodgess Birt (B. 10th December 1944)
14th February 2000Patel of BlackburnAdam Hafejee Patel (B. 7th June 1940)
15th February 2000Powell of BayswaterCharles David Powell (B. 6th June 1941)
16th February 2000JoffeJoel Goodman Joffe (B. 12th May 1932)
17th April 2000 AMActon of BridgnorthRichard Gerald Lyon-Dalberg-Acton (B. 30th July 1941)
17th April 2000 PMGrenfell of KilveyJulian Pascoe Francis St. Leger Grenfell (B. 23rd May 1935)
18th April 2000 AMGueterbockAnthony Fitzhardinge Gueterbock (B. 20th September 1939)
18th April 2000 PMMitfordRupert Bertram Mitford (B. 18th July 1967)
19th April 2000, 6 AMLyttelton of AldershotThomas Orlando Lyttelton (B. 12th February 1953)
19th April 2000, 9 AMErskine of Alloa TowerJames Thorne Erskine (B. 10th March 1949)
19th April 2000, 12 noonPonsonby of RoehamptonFrederick Matthew Thomas Ponsonby (B. 27th October 1958)
1st May 2000 AMNorthoverLindsay Patricia Granshaw (B. 21st August 1954)
1st May 2000 PMOakeshott of Seagrove BayMatthew Alan Oakeshott (B. 10th January 1947)
2nd May 2000 AMBillinghamAngela Theodora Billingham (B. 31st July 1939)
2nd May 2000 PMBrennanDaniel Joseph Brennan (B. 19th March 1942)
3rd May 2000 AMCohen of PimlicoJanet Cohen (B. 4th July 1940)
3rd May 2000 PMLayardPeter Richard Grenville Layard (B. 15th March 1934)
4th May 2000 AMGreavesAnthony Robert Greaves (B. 27th July 1942)
4th May 2000 PMTurnbergLeslie Arnold Turnberg (B. 22nd March 1934)
5th May 2000 AMHunt of ChestertonJulian Charles Roland Hunt (B. 5th September 1941)
9th May 2000 AMGibson of Market RasenAnne Gibson (B. 10th December 1940)
9th May 2000 PMAndrewsElizabeth Kay Andrews (B. 16th May 1943)
10th May 2000 AMMitchellParry Andrew Mitchell (B. 6th May 1943)
10th May 2000 PMParekhBhikhu Chhotal Parekh (B. 4th January 1935)
11th May 2000 AMScott of Needham MarketRosalind Carol Scott (B. 10th August 1957)
11th May 2000 PMEvans of Temple GuitingMatthew Evans (B. 7th August 1941)
12th May 2000 AMShutt of GreetlandDavid Trevor Shutt (B. 16th March 1942)
12th May 2000 PMRoperJohn Francis Hodgess Roper (B. 10th September 1935)
15th May 2000 AMWalmsleyJoan Margaret Walmsley (B. 12th April 1943)
15th May 2000 PMBernstein of CraigwellAlexander Bernstein (B. 15th March 1936)
16th May 2000 AMFyfe of FairfieldGeorge Lennox Fyfe (B. 10th April 1941)
16th May 2000 PMCoeSebastian Newbold Coe (B. 29th September 1956)
5th June 2000JordanWilliam Brian Jordan (B. 28th January 1936)
7th June 2000 AMNoakesSheila Valerie Noakes (B. 23rd June 1949)
7th June 2000 PMHodgson of Astley AbbottsRobin Granville Hodgson (B. 25th April 1942)
12th June 2000MorganKenneth Owen Morgan (B. 16th May 1934)
2nd October 2000LuceRichard Napier Luce (B. 14th October 1936)
20th October 2000AshcroftMichael Anthony Ashcroft (B. 4th March 1946)

15th January 2001BoothroydBetty Boothroyd (B. 8th October 1929)
2nd June 2001ChanMichael Chew Koon Chan (B. 6th March 1940)
4th June 2001BestRichard Stuart Best (B. 22nd June 1945)
5th June 2001BhatiaAmirali Alibhai Bhatia (B. 18th March 1932)
16th June 2001RookerJeffrey William Rooker (B. 5th June 1941)
18th June 2001GreenfieldSusan Adele Greenfield (B. 1st October 1950)
19th June 2001Hannay of ChiswickDavid Hugh Alexander Hannay (B. 28th September 1935)
20th June 2001Morgan of HuytonSally Morgan (B. 28th June 1959)
22nd June 2001 AMSheldonRobert Edward Sheldon (B. 13th September 1923)
22nd June 2001 PMTemple-MorrisPeter Temple-Morris (B. 12th February 1938)
23rd June 2001MoserClaus Adolf Moser (B. 24th November 1922)
25th June 2001Howarth of BrecklandValerie Georgina Howarth (B. 5th September 1940)
26th June 2001OuseleyHerman George Ouseley (B. 24th March 1945)
27th June 2001 AMGuthrie of CraigiebankCharles Ronald Llewellyn Guthrie (B. 17th November 1938)
27th June 2001 PMCondonPaul Leslie Condon (B. 10th March 1947)
28th June 2001 AMFinlay of LlandaffIlora Gillian Finlay (B. 23rd February 1949)
28th June 2001 PMBrowne of MadingleyEdmund John Phillip Browne (B. 20th February 1948)
29th June 2001 AMHowe of IdlicoteElspeth Rosamond Morton Howe (B. 8th February 1932)
29th June 2001 PMSutherland of HoundwoodStewart Ross Sutherland (B. 25th February 1941)
30th June 2001AdebowaleVictor Olufemi Adebowale (B. 21st July 1962)
2nd July 2001 AMGrocottBruce Joseph Grocott (B. 1st November 1940)
2nd July 2001 PMClark of WindermereDavid George Clark (B. 19th October 1939)
3rd July 2001 AMMorris of AberavonJohn Morris (B. 5th November 1931)
3rd July 2001 PMFowlerPeter Norman Fowler (B. 2nd February 1938)
4th July 2001 AMPendryThomas Pendry (B. 10th June 1934)
4th July 2001 PMCampbell-SavoursDale Norman Campbell-Savours (B. 23rd August 1943)
5th July 2001 AMMacGregor of Pulham MarketJohn Roddick Russell MacGregor (B. 14th February 1937)
5th July 2001 PMCorbett of Castle ValeRobin Corbett (B. 22nd December 1933)
6th July 2001JonesStephen Barry Jones (B. 26th June 1937)
9th July 2001King of BridgwaterThomas Jeremy King (B. 13th June 1933)
10th July 2001Ashdown of Norton-sub-HamdonJeremy John Durham Ashdown (B. 27th February 1941)
11th July 2001FearnRonald Cyril Fearn (B. 6th February 1931)
12th July 2001HeseltineMichael Ray Dibdin Heseltine (B. 21st March 1933)
13th July 2001GoldingLlinos Golding (B. 21st March 1933)
14th July 2001Michie of GallanachJanet Ray Michie (B. 4th February 1934)
16th July 2001RadiceGiles Heneage Radice (B. 4th October 1936)
17th July 2001KilclooneyJohn David Taylor (B. 24th December 1937)
18th July 2001May of OxfordRobert McCredie May (B. 8th January 1936)
19th July 2001Maclennan of RogartRobert Adam Ross Maclennan (B. 26th June 1936)
20th July 2001Maginnis of DrumglassKenneth Wiggins Maginnis (B. 21st January 1938)
30th July 2001Brooke of Sutton MandevillePeter Leonard Brooke (B. 3rd March 1934)
28th August 2001Livsey of TalgarthRichard Arthur Lloyd Livsey (B. 2nd May 1935)
30th October 2001Black of CrossharbourConrad Moffat Black (B. 25th August 1944)

1st November 2002Carey of CliftonGeorge Leonard Carey (B. 13th November 1935)
18th November 2002Wilson of DintonRichard Thomas James Wilson (B. 11th October 1942)

16th June 2003BoyceMichael Cecil Boyce (B. 2nd April 1943)
17th June 2003Cullen of WhitekirkWilliam Douglas Cullen (B. 18th November 1935)

9th January 2004TriesmanDavid Maxim Triesman (B. 30th October 1943)
1st June 2004 AMDraysonPaul Rudd Drayson (B. 5th March 1960)
1st June 2004 PMKalmsHarold Stanley Kalms (B. 21st November 1931)
2nd June 2004 AMFalkner of MargravineKishwer Falkner (B. 9th March 1955)
2nd June 2004 PMTunnicliffeDenis Tunnicliffe (B. 17th January 1943)
3rd June 2004 AMBhattacharyyaSushantha Kumar Bhattacharyya (B. 6th June 1940)
3rd June 2004 PMGarden Timothy Garden (B. 23rd April 1944)
4th June 2004 AMHoward of RisingGreville Patrick Charles Howard (B. 22nd April 1941)
4th June 2004 PMHart of ChiltonGarry Richard Rushby Hart (B. 29th June 1940)
7th June 2004 AMLeitchAlexander Park Leitch (B. 20th October 1947)
7th June 2004 PMGould of BrookwoodPhilip Gould (B. 30th March 1950)
8th June 2004 AMHenigDr. Ruth Beatrice Henig (B. 10th November 1943)
8th June 2004 PMCarter of ColesPatrick Robert Carter (B. 9th February 1946)
9th June 2004 AMSnapePeter Charles Snape (B. 12th February 1942)
9th June 2004 PMMorris of BoltonPatricia Morris (B. __ 1953)
10th June 2004 AMTruscottPeter Derek Truscott (B. 20th March 1959)
10th June 2004 PMWall of New BarnetMargaret Mary Wall (B. 14th November 1941)
11th June 2004 AMProsserMargaret Theresa Prosser (B. 22nd August 1937)
11th June 2004 PMMorgan of DrefelinDelyth Jane Morgan (B. 30th August 1961)
14th June 2004 AMLaidlawIrvine Alan Stewart Laidlaw (B. 22nd December 1942)
14th June 2004 PMRosserRichard Andrew Rosser (B. 5th October 1944)
15th June 2004 AMNeubergerJulia Babette Sarah Neuberger (B. 27th February 1950)
15th June 2004 PMRoberts of LlandudnoJohn Roger Roberts (B. 23rd October 1935)
16th June 2004 AMGiddensAnthony Giddens (B. 18th January 1938)
16th June 2004 PMRanaDiljit Singh Rana (B. 20th September 1938)
17th June 2004 AMMurphyElaine Murphy (B. 16th January 1947)
17th June 2004 PMMaxtonJohn Alston Maxton (B. 5th May 1936)
18th June 2004 AMBallyedmondEdward Enda Haughey (B. 5th January 1944)
18th June 2004 PMMcKenzie of LutonWilliam David McKenzie (B. 24th July 1946)
21st June 2004 AMDykesHugh John Maxwell Dykes (B. 17th May 1939)
21st June 2004 PMBroersAlec Nigel Broers (B. 17th September 1938)
22nd June 2004 AMYoung of HornseyMargaret Omolola Young (B. 1st June 1951)
22nd June 2004 PMVallance of TummelIain David Thomas Vallance (B. 20th May 1943)
23rd June 2004 AMSteinbergLeonard Steinberg (B. 1st August 1936)
23rd June 2004 PMBonham-Carter of YarnburyJane Bonham-Carter (B. 20th October 1957)
24th June 2004 AMChapmanNicola Jane Chapman (B. 3rd August 1961)
24th June 2004 PMMcDonaghMargaret Josephine McDonagh (B. 26th June 1961)
25th June 2004 AMYoung of Norwood GreenAnthony Ian Young (B. 16th April 1942)
25th June 2004 PMRoyall of BlaisdonJanet Anne Royall (B. 20th August 1955)
28th June 2004 AMRowlandsEdward Rowlands (B. 23rd January 1940)
28th June 2004 PMHaworthAlan Robert Haworth (B. 26th April 1948)
29th June 2004 AMCameron of DillingtonEwen James Hanning Cameron (B. 24th November 1949)
29th June 2004 PMGeorgeEdward Alan John George (B. 11th September 1938)
30th June 2004 AMGriffiths of Burry PortLeslie John Griffiths (B. 15th February 1942)
30th June 2004 PMKerr of KinlochardJohn Olav Kerr (B. 22nd February 1942)
1st July 2004 AMD’SouzaFrances Gertrude Claire D’Souza (B. 18th April 1944)
1st July 2004 PMAllianceDavid Alliance (B. 15th June 1932)
11th January 2005Patten of BarnesChristopher Francis Patten (B. 12th May 1944)
28th January 2005KinnockNeil Gordon Kinnock (B. 28th March 1942)


Date of AnnouncementHolder
29th March 1962Sir Ian MacDonald Horobin (withdrew 13th April 1962) (B. 16th November 1899, D. 5th June 1976)
26th June 1979Rt. Hon. John Emmerson Harding Davies (B. 8th January 1916, D. 4th July 1979)
31st December 1991Dame Shelagh Marjorie Roberts (B. 13th October 1924, D. 16th January 1992)
25th January 2005Most Rev. and Rt. Hon. David Michael Hope (B. 14th April 1940)
31st January 2005Sir John Arthur Stephens QPM DL (B. 21st October 1942)

Note: After the death of Sir David English (B. 26th May 1931, D. 10th June 1998) it was revealed that he was to have been included on a list of new Life Peers which was issued on 20th June 1998.


Ten Youngest Life Peers created

RankTitle of BaronyAge at creation
1Mitford32 years 275 days
2Alli33 years 244 days
3Masham of Ilton34 years 304 days
4Tanlaw37 years 52 days
5Chelmer38 years 114 days
6Barker38 years 181 days
7Adebowale38 years 344 days
8Uddin39 years 1 day
9Rennard39 years 13 days
10Beaumont of Whitley39 years 14 days

Ten Oldest Life Peers created

RankTitle of BaronyAge at creation
1Pakenham of Cowley93 years 346 days
2Noel-Baker87 years 261 days
3Shinwell85 years 244 days
4Erroll of Kilmun85 years 175 days
5=Chuter-Ede82 years 112 days
5=Kadoorie82 years 112 days
7Jellicoe of Southampton81 years 227 days
8Shepherd of Spalding81 years 50 days
9Jay80 years 199 days
10Carington of Upton80 years 164 days

Ten Shortest Lasting Life Peerages

RankTitle of BaronyTime of existence
1Faulkner of Downpatrick24 days
2Skrimshire of Quarter36 days
3Monslow119 days
4Britten155 days
5King-Hall157 days
6Bradwell209 days
7Ridley of Liddesdale219 days
8Lestor of Eccles296 days
9Erroll of Kilmun303 days
10Chuter-Ede314 days

Note: Even the shortest of these titles is beaten hands down by the shortest lasting hereditary title: the Barony of Leighton of Stretton, created for the painter Frederic Leighton on 24th January 1896. Frederic Leighton died the next day of angina, and being unmarried, the Barony became extinct after one day. The Barony of Farnborough, conferred on Sir Thomas Erskine May (whose guide to Parliamentary procedure is permanently in print), lasted six days: 11th to 17th May 1886. The Barony of Marjoribanks, held by David Robertson, lasted seven days: 12th to 19th June 1873.

Family Connections of the Life Peers

  • Lord Ashdown (cr. 3rd January 1975, died 24th July 1977) was the brother of Lord Stone (cr. 24th June 1976, died 17th July 1986).
  • Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury (cr. 21st December 1964, died 19th February 1969) was the half-sister of Baroness Elliot of Harwood (cr. 26th September 1958, died 3rd January 1994), the mother of Lord Bonham-Carter (cr. 21st July 1986, died 4th September 1994), and also the mother-in-law of Lord Grimond (cr. 12th October 1983, died 24th October 1993). Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury (cr. 23rd June 2004) is the daughter of Lord Bonham-Carter.
  • Lord Bannerman of Kildonan (cr. 5th December 1967, died 10th May 1969) was the father of Baroness Michie of Gallanach (cr. 14th July 2001).
  • Lord Bernstein (cr. 3rd July 1969, died 5th February 1993) was the uncle of Lord Bernstein of Craigwell (cr. 15th May 2000).
  • Lord Boyd-Carpenter (cr. 1st May 1972, died 11th July 1998) was the father of Baroness Hogg (cr. 3rd February 1995), and Lord Hailsham of St. Marylebone (cr. 30th June 1970, died 12th October 2001) was her father-in-law.
  • Baroness Brooke of Ystradfellte (cr. 7th December 1964, died 1st September 2000) was the wife of Lord Brooke of Cumnor (cr. 20th July 1966, died 29th March 1984), and their son is Lord Brooke of Sutton Mandeville (cr. 30th July 2001).
  • Lord Callaghan of Cardiff (cr. 5th November 1987) is the father of Baroness Jay of Paddington (cr. 29th July 1992), and her ex-father-in-law was Lord Jay (cr. 8th October 1987, died 6th March 1996).
  • Lord Caradon (cr. 27th October 1964, died 5th September 1990) was the brother of Lord Foot (cr. 29th November 1967, died 17th October 1999).
  • Lord Castle (cr. 18th June 1974, died 26th December 1979) was the husband of Baroness Castle of Blackburn (cr. 16th July 1990, died 3rd May 2002).
  • Lord Delacourt-Smith (cr. 13th October 1967, died 2nd October 1972) was the husband of Baroness Delacourt-Smith of Alteryn (cr. 5th July 1974).
  • Lord Grade (cr. 22nd June 1976, died 13th December 1998) was the brother of Lord Delfont (cr. 29th June 1976, died 28th July 1994).
  • Lord Howe of Aberavon (cr. 30th June 1992) is the husband of Baroness Howe of Idlicote (cr. 29th June 2001).
  • Lord Hurd (cr. 24th August 1964, died 12th February 1966) was the father of Lord Hurd of Westwell (cr. 13th June 1997).
  • Lord Janner (cr. 20th June 1970, died 4th May 1982) was the father of Lord Janner of Braunstone (cr. 25th October 1997).
  • Lord Lever (cr. 10th July 1975, died 26th July 1977) was the brother of Lord Lever of Manchester (cr. 3rd July 1979, died 6th August 1995)
  • Lord Llewellyn-Davies (cr. 16th January 1964, died 27th October 1981) was the husband of Baroness Llewellyn-Davies of Hastoe (cr. 27th August 1967, died 6th November 1997).
  • Lord McAlpine of Moffat (cr. 21st February 1980, died 7th January 1990) was the father of Lord McAlpine of West Green (cr. 2nd February 1984).
  • Lord Mackie of Benshie (cr. 10th May 1974) was the brother of Lord John-Mackie (cr. 18th May 1981, died 25th May 1994).
  • Baroness Ryder of Warsaw (cr. 31st January 1979, died 2nd November 2000) was the wife of Lord Cheshire (cr. 17th July 1991, died 31st July 1992).
  • Lord Sainsbury (cr. 3rd May 1962, died 21st October 1998) was the father of Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover (cr. 31st July 1989), and the uncle of Lord Sainsbury of Turville (cr. 3rd October 1997).
  • Lord Sieff (cr. 18th January 1966, died 14th February 1972) was the father of Lord Sieff of Brimpton (cr. 14th February 1980, died 23rd February 2001).
  • Baroness Spencer-Churchill (cr. 17th May 1965, died 12th December 1977) was the mother-in-law of both Lord Duncan-Sandys (cr. 2nd May 1974, died 27th November 1984) and Lord Soames (cr. 19th April 1978, died 17th September 1987).

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