The following list shows all people who have been Members of Parliament in the 20th century and have served in Parliament for more than 40 years. In reckoning the time the date of leaving Parliament has been assumed to be the the date of dissolution of their last Parliament, rather than the polling day of the general election at which they retired. If a year is listed without a date, then this is a reference to the general election of that year.

There are no current Members on the list. The longest serving current member is Tam Dalyell (Lab, Lothian, Linlithgow) who was first elected at a byelection on 14th June 1962.


Rt. Hon. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill61 years, 332 daysC, L, Const, COldham 1900-1906; Manchester, North-West 1906-12th April 1908; Dundee 8th May 1908-1922; Essex, Epping 1924-1945; Woodford 1945-1964
Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George54 years, 308 daysL, Co L, NL, LCaernarvon District 10th April 1890-12th February 1945
Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Richard George Heath51 years, 80 daysCBexley 1950-1974(F); Bexley, Sidcup 1974(F)-1983; Bexley, Old Bexley and Sidcup 1983-2001
Rt. Hon. Thomas Power O’Connor49 years, 215 daysNGalway Borough 1880-1885; Liverpool, Scotland 1885-18th November 1929
Rt. Hon. George Lambert48 years, 348 daysL, Co L, L, NLDevon, South Molton 13th November 1891-1924 and 1929-1945
Rt. Hon. Arthur James Balfour48 years, 45 daysCHertford Borough 1874-1885; Manchester, East 1885-1906; City of London 27th February 1906-5th May 1922
Herbert John Harvey Parker47 years, 180 daysLabEssex, Romford 1935-1945; Dagenham 1945-1974(F); Barking and Dagenham, Dagenham 1974(F)-1983
Rt. Hon. Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn46 years, 327 daysLabBristol, South-East 30th November 1950-17th November 1960; 4th May 1961 (returned while ineligible) and 20th August 1963-1983; Chesterfield 1st March 1984-2001
Rt. Hon. Earl Winterton (Edward Turnour)46 years, 327 daysCSussex, Horsham 12th November 1904-1918; Sussex (West), Horsham and Worthing 1918-1945; Sussex (West), Horsham 1945-1951
George Russell Strauss46 years, 295 daysLab, Ind Lab, LabLambeth, North 1929-1931 and 23rd October 1934-1945; Lambeth, Vauxhall 1945-1979
Rt. Hon. John Gretton46 years, 153 daysCDerbyshire, Southern 1895-1906 and 11th June 1907-1918; Staffordshire, Burton 1918-19th May 1943
Rt. Hon. Henry Chaplin46 years, 88 daysCLincolnshire, Mid 1868-1885; Lincolnshire, Sleaford 1885-1906; Surrey, Wimbledon 14th May 1907-20th June 1916
Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Austen Chamberlain44 years, 335 daysLU, CWorcestershire, Eastern 30th March 1892-30th June 1914; Birmingham, West 14th July 1914-16th March 1937
Rt. Hon. Thomas Burt44 years, 281 daysL/LabMorpeth 1874-1918
Rt. Hon. Sir Robin Hugh Turton44 years, 254 daysCYorkshire (North Riding), Thirsk and Malton 1929-1974(F)
Rt. Hon. William Wither Bramston Beach44 years, 116 daysCHampshire, Northern 1857-1885; Hampshire, Andover 1885-3rd August 1901
Rt. Hon. Sir Bernard Richard Braine42 years, 21 daysCEssex, Billericay 1950-1955; Essex, South-East 1955-1983; Castle Point 1983-1992
Rt. Hon. Sir Leonard James Callaghan41 years, 296 daysLabCardiff, South 1945-1950; Cardiff, South East 1950-1987
Rt. Hon. Sir Michael Edward Hicks Beach, Bt.41 years, 180 daysCGloucestershire, Eastern 12th July 1864-1885; Bristol, West 1885-1906
Rt. Hon. Sir William Hart Dyke, Bt.41 years, 170 daysCKent, Western 1865-1868; Kent, Mid 1868-1885; Kent, Dartford 1885-1906
Rt. Hon. Sir John Morris41 years, 218 daysLabGlamorganshire, Aberavon 1959-1983; West Glamorgan, Aberavon 1983-2001
Rt. Hon. John Gilbert Talbot41 years, 53 daysCKent, Western 1868-30th April 1878; Oxford University 17th May 1878-1910(J)
Rt. Hon. Michael Mackintosh Foot41 years, 38 daysLab, Ind Lab, LabPlymouth, Devonport 1945-1955; Monmouthshire, Ebbw Vale 17th November 1960-1983; Gwent, Blaenau Gwent 1983-1992
Rt. Hon. Sir Geoffrey Johnson Smith41 years, 107 daysCHolborn and St. Pancras South 1959-1964; Sussex (East), East Grinstead 4th February 1965-1983; East Sussex, Wealden 1983-2001
Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Bt.40 years, 224 daysLCarlisle 1859-1865 and 1868-1885; Cumberland, Cockermouth 1886-1900; Cornwall, Camborne 8th April 1903-1906; Cumberland, Cockermouth 1906-1st July 1906
Rt. Hon. Walter Hume Long40 years, 169 daysCWiltshire, Northern 1880-1885; Wiltshire, Devizes 1885-1892; Liverpool, West Derby 10th January 1893-1900; Bristol, South 1900-1906; Dublin County, South 1906-1910(J); Strand 1910(J)-1918; Westminster, St. George’s 1918-4th June 1921
Rt. Hon. Denis Winston Healey40 years, 37 daysLabLeeds, South-East 7th February 1952-1955; Leeds, East 1955-1992

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