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Most of these books are out of print and some are very rare. However, larger libraries and specialist secondhand dealers will be able to find some of them. Politico’s bookstore has a good selection of secondhand political reference books, which are listed on its website.

Parliamentary Election Results

The results on this site are presented in the standardised format originated by F.W.S. Craig, who published a series of books giving Parliamentary and other election results. His books ought to be the first port of call for the inquirer who wishes to know the results of Parliamentary elections not covered on this site.
  • British Parliamentary Election Results 1832-85 (second edition), Aldershot 1989. The second edition contains analysis of votes in multi-member constituencies which were not included in the first.
  • British Parliamentary Election Results 1885-1918 (second edition), Aldershot 1989. This is a rare book. The first edition was published by Macmillan in 1974.
  • British Parliamentary Election Results 1918-49 (third edition), Chichester 1983.
  • British Parliamentary Election Results 1950-73 (second edition), Chichester 1983. The first edition was compiled soon after the 1970 election and therefore does not include byelection results from later in the Parliament.
  • British Parliamentary Election Results 1974-83, Chichester 1984.
Britain Votes Series
  • Britain Votes 1 (1977) covers the two general elections of 1974. This was intended as an interim volume covering results for which detailed information on candidates was later to be researched.
  • Britain Votes 2 (1980) covers the period 1974-79.
  • Britain Votes 3 (1983) covers the 1983 general election.
  • Britain Votes 4 (1988) covers the period 1983-87.
When F.W.S. Craig died in 1989, his work was transferred to Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher at Polytechnic South West (later the University of Plymouth). They have however altered the presentation in some ways, including using alternative party abbreviations and not attempting to ascertain the title of female candidates.
  • British Parliamentary Election Results 1983-97, Ashgate 1999, contains the same information as indexed on the main page of this website, without the information on background of independent candidates.
  • Britain Votes 5 (1992) covers the 1992 general election.
  • Britain Votes 6 (1997) covers the 1997 general election.
  • Election 2001: The Official Results published by the Electoral Commission gives full constituency results.

Compiled election results

  • British Parliamentary Election Results 1950-1964 by B.R. Mitchell and Klaus Boehm (1966) is not to be confused with the F.W.S. Craig works by the same title. It is concerned mainly with statistics but has detailed maps of constituency boundaries.
  • Dod’s Electoral Facts, fully ‘Electoral Facts from 1832 to 1853 Impartially Stated’, 1853, was reprinted by Harvester Press in 1972. It contains all elections from 1832 to 1853, together with statistics on the electorate and the influence possessed by various patrons in each constituency. The reprint also contains an invaluable bibliographic guide to studies of the electoral history of individual constituencies.
  • Europe Votes by T.T. Mackie and F.W.S. Craig (three issues) includes the result of direct elections to the European Parliament, throughout the whole of the European Communities, for 1979, 1984 and 1989. There does not appear to have been a book published containing 1994 or 1999 results.
  • McCalmont’s Parliamentary Poll Book was published in seven editions between 1879 and 1910. It covers all elections from 1832. The seventh edition was republished by Harvester Press in 1971 with extra material bringing it up to the dissolution of Parliament in 1918. It also contains a sadly incomplete list of errata.
  • Parliamentary Elections in Ireland 1801-1922 by Brian M. Walker (Royal Irish Academy, 1978) includes constituency results from Ireland since the Act of Union. F.W.S. Craig does not include Irish constituencies until 1922.
  • Parliamentary Elections in Ireland 1918-92 by Brian M. Walker (Royal Irish Academy, 1992) includes not just Parliamentary election results but elections to the European Parliament, the Northern Ireland (‘Stormont’) Parliament and other bodies established in Northern Ireland.
  • The Parliamentary History of the Principality of Wales by W.R. Williams (Brecknock, 1895) covers elections from 1541 to 1895.
  • The Parliaments of England by Henry Stooks Smith (three volumes, Simpkin, Marshall and Co., 1844-49) was reprinted in a single volume in 1973. This covers election results since 1715 (earlier in some constituencies), together with the colours used by the parties.
  • The Representation of Scotland by T. Wilkie (Paisley, 1895) contains Scottish election results from 1832.

Individual General Election Studies

  • The British General Election of 1945 by R.B. McCallum and Alison Readman was published in 1948. It began a series of psephological studies sponsored by Nuffield College, Oxford which have been published shortly after each general election ever since. Since 1950 the co-author has been David Butler. There have also been historical studies along similar lines of the general elections of 1880, 1906, 1910 (January and December) and 1935.
  • British Parliamentary Constituencies: A Statistical Compendium by Ivor Crewe and Anthony Fox (Faber and Faber, 1984) gives details of the 1983 general election and the 1979 notional general election, with much statistical background from the Census.
  • The Times Guide to the House of Commons has been published shortly after each General Election since 1885, except in 1906, 1922, 1923 and 1924. These books contain the election results, biographies of candidates (from 1918 until 1997), and party manifestoes (from 1950). Politico’s Publishing is shortly to republish facsimiles of previous editions.

Political Parties

  • Politico’s Guide to the History of UK Political Parties was published in February 2001. The author is the maintainer of this website, David Boothroyd.
  • Encyclopedia of British and Irish Political Organizations by Peter Barberis, John McHugh and Mike Tyldesley gives brief explanations of the origins and activities of political organizations, including Parties, in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Minor Parties at British Parliamentary Elections 1885-1974 by F.W.S. Craig sets out the individual elections and candidates fought by minor parties.

Members of Parliament

  • Dod’s Parliamentary Companion (originally Parliamentary Pocket Companion) was first published in 1833 and has been published roughly annually since then. It gives biographies of Members of Parliament and Peers.
  • Facts About the British Prime Ministers by Dermot Englefield, Janet Seaton and Isobel White contains much biographical information on the 50 holders of the office of First Lord of the Treasury and Prime Minister from Robert Walpole to John Major.
  • The History of Parliament is a mammoth project organised by the History of Parliament Trust (see above). It aims to provide biographies of all people who have sat in Parliament. Several volumes have been completed and are available in books or on a CD-Rom.
  • Parliamentary Profiles by Andrew Roth gives a warts-and-all biography of Members of Parliament. It is issued in four volumes each Parliament.
  • Who’s Who of British Members of Parliament 1832-1979 by M. Stenton and S. Lees was published in four volumes in 1976-80 as a compilation of back issues of Dod, giving also information on careers after leaving Parliament.

Other political reference books

  • The Almanac of British Politics was first published in 1982, giving a description of the then new constituencies to come into operation at the 1983 election. The second and third editions are virtually identical and cover the run-up to the 1987 election. The fourth edition was published in 1990, the fifth in 1995, and the sixth edition early in 1999.
  • The BBC/ITN Guide to the New Parliamentary Constituencies was the product of a study in 1983 which produced estimates of the result of the 1979 general election on the new boundaries which took effect in 1983.
  • Boundaries of British Parliamentary Constituencies 1885-1972 by F.W.S. Craig gives the definition of each constituency in terms of local government areas, and maps (regrettably not very detailed) of constituencies.
  • British Electoral Facts by F.W.S. Craig was originally published as British Parliamentary Election Statistics 1918-68, updated in 1970, 1975, 1980 and 1989. The current edition was published by Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher in autumn 2000.
  • British General Election Manifestos by F.W.S. Craig has been issued in several compilations. The first edition covered 1918-1966, followed by 1900-1974 in the second edition. The third is an update covering 1959-1987. In late 1999 a three volume compilation of all manifestos from 1900 was published by Politico’s (see above), edited by Iain Dale, with separate volumes for each major party.
  • British Political Facts by David Butler (with various co-authors) compiles the list of government ministers, election results and summaries of political developments from 1900. It was first published in 1960. The latest edition, titled Twentieth Century British Political Facts, was published in 2000.
  • The British Voter by Michael Kinnear is a compilation of maps of election results and other political events. It was first published in 1968, with a revised edition in 1980.
  • Conservative and Labour Conference Decisions 1945-1981 by F.W.S. Craig gives the motions debated at conferences organised into broad subjects, and the result of any vote.
  • The Media Guide to the New Parliamentary Constituencies was published in 1995, giving estimates of the result of the 1992 general election on the boundaries which came into force in 1997.
  • The Most Gracious Speeches to Parliament 1900-1974 by F.W.S. Craig gives the texts of the “Queen’s Speeches” and Prorogation speeches made in Parliament.