Parliamentary Constituencies in the unreformed House

Before the ‘Reform Act’ of 1832, the composition of the House of Commons had changed very little since Simon de Montfort summoned the first proper Parliament in the year 1265. De Montfort sent out representatives to each county and to a select list of boroughs, asking each to send two representatives (this was not the first Parliament in England, but what distinguished it was that de Montfort insisted the representatives be elected). The list of boroughs which had the right to elect a member grew slowly over the centuries as monarchs gave out more Royal Charters, but the last charter was given to Newark in 1674. From then until the ‘Reform Act’ the number of English MPs remained the same; when the borough of Grampound was disfranchised for corruption in 1821, the county of Yorkshire received an extra two members.

The right to vote in Parliamentary elections for county constituencies was uniform throughout the country, granting a vote to all those who owned the freehold of land to an annual rent of 40 shillings (‘Forty-shilling Freeholders’). In the Boroughs, the franchise varied and individual boroughs had varying arrangements. In 1603, King James I (VI of Scotland) decided that the two great Universities should be enfranchised.

Before 1832, Members of Parliament were referred to by specific titles reflecting their constituency. Members from Cities were ‘Citizens’; those from Boroughs were ‘Burgesses’. Those from the Cinque Ports were ‘Barons of the Cinque Ports’ and those from Counties were ‘Knights of the Shires’. The longest serving member was termed (eg) the ‘Senior Burgess’ and the other the ‘Junior Burgess’. Members elected by the Universities were also styled ‘Burgesses’; unlike the other titles, this terminology lasted until 1949 when the universities ceased to have representation.

Wales, despite being conquered by England in 1284, did not return members to Parliament until Henry VIII decided to incorporate the principality in his realm. It was given the small number of 24 seats: Welsh counties returned only one member each (compared with two in England), and several of the borough constituencies were made up of several small boroughs banded together to jointly elect one member. This arrangement did not apply to Monmouthshire, which Henry transferred to England (in later years this was recognised as a mistake and it was reversed in 1974).

When the Act of Union with Scotland was agreed in 1707, Scotland was granted 45 members in the Union Parliament, made up of 15 for burghs and 30 for counties. As in Wales, burghs were banded together to return one member collectively, save in Edinburgh which in recognition of its position as capital was granted a member all to itself. However the county seats gave problems as there were 34 counties in Scotland. The solution was inelegant: three groups of two counties each were joined together to elect a member to alternate Parliaments.

The Act of Union with Ireland gave it 100 members in the United Kingdom Parliament, a reduction on the number of members in the Irish Parliament. The representation of the counties was unaffected but a considerable number of boroughs were disfranchised. Dublin University (Trinity College) also had representation.


Abingdon1County town of Berkshire. Enfranchised in 1556, though also sent a member in 1337.
Aldborough2In the North Riding of Yorkshire, just south-west of Boroughbridge.
Aldeburgh2Seaside town in Suffolk.
Amersham2Also spelt Agmondesham. Market town in south Buckinghamshire.
Andover2North-east Hampshire. Sent members from 1295 to 1307, and then from 1585.
Appleby2County town of Westmorland, in the northern Pennines.
Arundel2Seaport (via the River Arun) in west Sussex. Enfranchised in 1332.
Ashburton2Market town in south Devon. Returned members in 1295, 1407 and consistently from 1640.
Aylesbury2Assize town in Buckinghamshire. From 1804 the boundaries included the whole of the ‘three hundreds’. Enfranchised in 1553.
Banbury1Mostly in Oxfordshire, part in Northamptonshire. Enfranchised in 1553.
Barnstaple2Port in north Devon. Sent members from 1295.
Bassetlaw2Hundred in north Nottinghamshire. Enfranchised in 1830, as a transfer of the right of representation formerly deriving on East Retford.
Bath2City in northern Somerset. Sent members from 1295.
Bedford2County town of Bedfordshire. Represented in Parliament since 1295.
Beeralston2Also known as Bere Alston. Village in east Devon.
Berwick2Frontier town of England, in northern Northumberland. Formerly in Scotland, surrendered to England in 1482. Henry VIII gave it representation.
Beverley2Market town in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Sent members from 1295 occasionally, regularly from 1563.
Bewdley1Manufacturing town in northern Worcestershire. Enfranchised in 1606.
Bishop‘s Castle2Borders town in southern Salop.
Blechingley2Also “Bletchingley”. Eastern Surrey.
Bodmin2County town of Cornwall. Returned members from 1295.
Boroughbridge2North Riding of Yorkshire, near Ripon.
Bossinney2Northern Cornwall, including Tintagel Castle.
Boston2Port in the Lincolnshire Part of Holland. Enfranchised in 1547.
Brackley2Town in southern Northamptonshire.
Bramber2Small town in southern Sussex. The boundaries between Bramber and Steyning were indistinct.
Bridgnorth2Market town in southern Salop. Returned members from 1295.
Bridgwater2Town in Somerset. Returned members from 1295.
Bridport2Seaport in Dorset. Returned members from 1295.
Bristol2City and port on the borders of Gloucestershire and Somerset. Sent members from 1295.
Buckingham2County town of Buckinghamshire. Enfranchised in 1542.
Bury St. Edmunds2Large town in western Suffolk. Sent members in 1292 and consistently from 1607.
Callington2Town in south-eastern Cornwall.
Calne2Small town in northern Wiltshire. Sent members from 1295.
Cambridge2County town of Cambridgeshire, seat of University. Returned members since 1295.
Camelford2Town in northern Cornwall.
Canterbury2City in eastern Kent. Site of the primacy of All England. Sent members since 1295.
Carlisle2City in northern Cumberland, site of a Parliament in 1307. Sent members since 1295.
Castle Rising2Village in north-west Norfolk, near King's Lynn.
Chester2County town of Cheshire, near the Welsh border. Enfranchised in 1543.
Chichester2City in west Sussex. Sent members since 1295.
Chippenham2Town in north-west Wiltshire. Sent members occasionally from 1295, consistently from 1422.
Christchurch2Seaport in south-west Hampshire. Enfranchised in 1561.
Cirencester2Market town in north Gloucestershire. Represented since 1571.
Clitheroe2North-east Lancashire town in the Pennines. Enfranchised in 1558.
Cockermouth2Town in western Cumberland. Sent members in 1295, and from 1640.
Colchester2Inland port in north Essex. Sent members from 1295.
Corfe Castle2Town on the Isle of Purbeck in southern Dorset.
Coventry2City in north Warwickshire. Sent members from 1295, with some interruption.
Cricklade2Town and surrounding countryside in north Wiltshire, also including north Swindon. Sent members from 1295 except during the reign of Henry VI.
Dartmouth2Port town in southern Devon. Sent members in 1298 and consistently from 1351.
Derby2County town of Derbyshire. Sent members from 1298.
Devizes2Town in central Wiltshire. Sent members occasionally from 1295, consistently from 1331.
Dorchester2County town of Dorset, inland in the southern part of the county. Sent members from 1295.
Downton2Village in south-east Wiltshire.
Droitwich2Town in central Worcestershire. Sent members from 1554, and occasionally before that.
Dunwich2Seaport in east Suffolk.
Durham2City and county town, important religious centre. Sent members from 1677.
East Grinstead2Town in northern Sussex.
East Looe2Small port in east Cornwall.
East Retford2Market town in northern Nottinghamshire. In the 1826 general election the corruption in the borough resulted in a suspension of the writ and in 1830 the borough was disfranchised in favour of Bassetlaw.
Evesham2Town in south Worcestershire. Enfranchised in 1603, though had sent members in 1295.
Exeter2City and county town in east Devon. Sent members from 1295.
Eye2Small town in north Suffolk. Enfranchised in 1571.
Fowey2Small seaport on southern coast of Cornwall.
Gatton2Village in east Surrey, near Reigate.
Gloucester2City, county town in Gloucestershire. Sent members from 1295.
Grampound2Village near southern coast of Cornwall. Disfranchised in 1821 in consequence of bribery at the 1820 election.
Grantham2Town in the Lincolnshire Part of Kesteven. Enfranchised in 1468.
Great Bedwyn2Village in east Wiltshire.
Great Grimsby2Seaport in the Lincolnshire Part of Lindsey. Sent members from 1295.
Great Marlow2Town in south Buckinghamshire. Enfranchised permanently in 1624, had occasionally sent members since 1295.
Great Wenlock2Also known as Wenlock. Collection of villages and towns in south-east Salop. Enfranchised in 1478.
Guildford2County town of Surrey, in the south-west of the county. Sent members since 1295.
Harwich2Port and resort town in north-east Essex. Sent members to a Parliament in 1344, and permanently enfranchised in 1615.
Haslemere2Town in south-western Surrey.
Hedon2Village in the East Riding of Yorkshire in Holderness.
Helston2Town in south-west Cornwall. Sent members from 1298.
Hereford2City and county town of Herefordshire. Sent members from 1295.
Hertford2County town of Hertfordshire, in the east of the county. Occasionally sent members from 1298, permanently enfranchised in 1624.
Heytesbury2Village on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire.
Higham Ferrers1Town in Northamptonshire near the Bedfordshire border.
Hindon2Town in south-west Wiltshire.
Honiton2Town in eastern Devon. Sent members intermittently from 1300, consistently from 1640.
Horsham2Town in northern Sussex. Sent members from 1295.
Huntingdon2County town of Huntingdonshire. Sent members from 1295.
Ilchester2Small town in south Somerset.
Ipswich2County town of Suffolk and port. Returned members from 1295.
King‘s Lynn2Large port on the Wash in west Norfolk. Also known as Lynn Regis. Sent members from 1295.
Kingston-upon-Hull2Large port in East Riding of Yorkshire on the Humber estuary. Sent members in 1305 and from 1319.
Knaresborough2Spa town in the north of the West Riding of Yorkshire. Enfranchised in 1553.
Lancaster2County town of Lancashire, near Morecambe Bay. Sent members from 1295 with some interruptions.
Launceston2Town in east Cornwall near Bodmin Moor. Sent members from 1295.
Leicester2County town of Leicestershire, the site of several Parliaments. Sent members from 1295.
Leominster2Small town in north Herefordshire. Sent members from 1295.
Lewes2Town in inland eastern Sussex. Sent members from 1295.
Lichfield2City in south-east Staffordshire. Sent members from 1305 with some interruption until the reign of King Edward VI.
Lincoln2City and county town of Lincolnshire, formerly the site of Parliaments and of the coronation of Henry II. Sent members from 1265.
Liskeard2Stannary town in eastern Cornwall. Sent members from 1295.
Liverpool2Large seaport in southern Lancashire. Sent members in 1295 and continuously from the reign of King Edward VI.
London4Chief metropolis, city and port on the River Thames, capital of the country. Sent members from 1265.
Lostwithiel2Town on the river Fowey near Bodmin, central Cornwall.
Ludgershall2Small town in east Wiltshire near Andover.
Ludlow2Market town in south Salop. Enfranchised in 1473.
Lyme Regis2Resort and seaport in west Dorset. Sent members from 1295.
Lymington2Small town and port in west Hampshire. Enfranchised in 1585.
Maidstone2County town of Kent in the centre of the county. Enfranchised in 1560.
Maldon2Town at the mouth of the Blackwater River in mid Essex. Returned members from 1329.
Malmesbury2Town in north-west Wiltshire. Sent members from 1295 with some interruptions.
Malton2Town in the southern part of the North Riding of Yorkshire. Sent members in 1295 and 1298, then consistently from 1640.
Marlborough2Town in north-east Wiltshire. Sent members from 1295.
Melcombe Regis2Resort town and port on Weymouth Bay in Dorset. From the time of Queen Elizabeth I, Melcombe Regis‘ members were elected jointly with Weymouth; the top two in the poll being designated the members for Weymouth, the next as the members for Melcombe Regis. Enfranchised in 1319.
Midhurst2Town in west Sussex. Sent members from 1311.
Milborneport2Inland town in south-east Somerset.
Minehead2Seaport in west Somerset.
Monmouth Boroughs1Monmouth: County town of Monmouthshire. Newport: Seaport in the south-west of the county. Usk: Market town in the centre of the county. Enfranchised in 1536.
Morpeth2Town in south-east Northumberland. Enfranchised in 1553.
New Sarum2Also known as Salisbury. City in south-east Wiltshire. Twice the site of a Parliament. Sent members from 1295.
Newark2Market town of east Nottinghamshire. Enfranchised in 1678.
Newcastle-under-Lyme2Town in north-west Staffordshire. Enfranchised in 1354.
Newcastle-upon-Tyne2Large port in south Northumberland. Temporary site of a Parliament under King Edward I. Sent members from 1295.
Newport2Small port in Cornwall.
Newport2Chief town of the Isle of Wight in Hampshire. Port on the River Medina. Sent members in 1295 and from 1585.
Newton2Town in south Lancashire. Also known as Newton-le-Willows.
Newtown2Town and small port on north coast of the Isle of Wight in Hampshire.
Northallerton2Market town in the centre of the North Riding of Yorkshire. Sent members in 1298 and from 1640.
Northampton2County town of Northamptonshire. Site of several Parliaments. Sent members from 1295.
Norwich2City and county town of Norfolk. Sent members from 1295.
Nottingham2County town of Nottinghamshire, the scene of Parliaments from 1194 to 1397. Sent members from 1295.
Okehampton2Town in central Devon, to the north of Dartmoor.
Old Sarum2Fort and village in south-east Wiltshire, to the north of Salisbury (New Sarum).
Orford2Small town and port on the river Ore in east Suffolk.
Oxford2County town of Oxfordshire. Scene of several Parliaments and temporary home of government during the Plague Year. Sent members from 1295.
Penryn2Town and port at the head of Falmouth Creek. Sent members from 1553.
Peterborough2City in north-east Northamptonshire. Enfranchised in 1547.
Petersfield2Town in eastern Hampshire. Sent members in 1307 and permanently enfranchised by King Edward VI.
Plymouth2Large naval port in south-west Devon. Sent members occasionally from 1298 and consistently from 1419.
Plympton Erle2Town in south-west Devon, near Plymouth.
Pontefract2Town in the east of the West Riding of Yorkshire. Sent members in 1295 and 1298, then from 1621.
Poole2Port and resort town in sheltered harbour in Dorset. Occasionally sent members from 1341, permanently enfranchised in 1455.
Portsmouth2Chief naval port of the country, in west Hampshire. Sent members in 1295 and from 1451.
Preston2Town in central Lancashire, port on the River Ribble. Occasionally sent members from 1295, consistently from 1461.
Queenborough2Town on the Isle of Sheppey in north Kent.
Reading2Large town in central Berkshire. Sent members from 1295.
Reigate2Town in eastern Surrey. Sent members from 1295.
Richmond2Market town in the North Riding of Yorkshire. Enfranchised in 1585.
Ripon2Small town in the north of the West Riding of Yorkshire. Sent members in 1295 and 1307, and from 1553.
Rochester2City and port in north Kent. Sent members since 1295.
St. Albans2Town in central Hertfordshire. Occasionally sent members from 1307, permanently enfranchised in 1554.
St. Germans2Small town and port on the river Tiddy in south-eastern Cornwall.Sometimes spelt St. Germains.
St. Ives2Town and fishing port in western Cornwall. Enfranchised in 1558.
St. Mawes2Small port in southern Cornwall.
St. Michael‘s2Small town in south Cornwall.
Saltash2Town and port on the river Tamar in south-eastern Cornwall.
Scarborough2Fishing port and resort town in the North Riding of Yorkshire. Sent members from 1295.
Shaftesbury2Town in northern Dorset near the border with Wiltshire. Sent members from 1295.
Shoreham2Port on the river Adur in central Sussex. Sent members from 1295. Sometimes known as New Shoreham.
Shrewsbury2County town of Salop in the centre of the county. Scene of Parliaments in 1283 and 1397. Sent members from 1295.
Southampton2Large port on Southampton Water, in southern Hampshire. Sent members from 1295.
Southwark2Large borough in northern Surrey, on the banks of the Thames facing London. Sent members from 1295.
Stafford2County town of Staffordshire, in the centre of the County. Sent members from 1295.
Stamford2Market town in the south of the Lincolnshire part of Kesteven. Returned members, with some interruptions, from 1295.
Steyning2Small town in southern Sussex. The boundaries between Bramber and Steyning were indistinct.
Stockbridge2Town in north-west Hampshire.
Sudbury2Market town in southern Suffolk. Enfranchised in 1558.
Tamworth2Town in the north of Warwickshire, with part in Staffordshire. Enfranchised in 1563.
Taunton2Market town in Somerset. Sent members from 1295.
Tavistock2Stannary town in south-western Devon near the River Tamar. Sent members occasionally from 1295, permanently from 1331.
Tewkesbury2Town in northern Gloucestershire. Enfranchised in 1610.
Thetford2Market town in south-west Norfolk. Enfranchised in 1547.
Thirsk2Small market town in the centre of the North Riding of Yorkshire. Sent members in 1295, but not permanently enfranchised until 1553.
Tiverton2Small inland town in eastern Devon. Enfranchised in 1615.
Totnes2Also called ‘Totness’. Small port at the head of the Dart estuary, in south Devon. Sent members from 1295.
Tregony2Village near the southern coast of Cornwall. Otherwise spelt Tregoney.
Truro2Stannary town in central Cornwall. Sent members from 1295.
Wallingford2Small town on the River Thames in northern Berkshire. Sent members from 1295.
Wareham2Small town near Poole Harbour. Occasionally sent members from 1302; permanently enfranchised in 1329.
Warwick2County town of Warwickshire. Sent members from 1295.
Wells2Small city in Somerset in the Mendip Hills. Sent members from 1295.
Wendover2Small town in east Buckinghamshire, in the Three Hundreds of Aylesbury.
Weobley2Village in west Herefordshire.
West Looe2Small fishing port in eastern Cornwall.
Westbury2Town in west Wiltshire, on the edge of Salisbury Plain. Sent members from 1449.
Westminster2City on the Thames in eastern Middlesex, the seat of government and of most Parliaments. Enfranchised in 1547.
Weymouth2Port and resort town in southern Dorset. Members were elected jointly with those for Melcombe Regis, the top two in the poll being designated members for Weymouth. Enfranchised in 1319.
Whitchurch2Small town in north Hampshire.
Wigan2Manufacturing town in south Lancashire. Occasionally sent members from 1295, regularly from 1547.
Wilton2Small town near Salisbury in southern Wiltshire. Sent members from 1295.
Winchester2City and county town of Hampshire, the scene of several Parliaments. Sent members from 1295.
Windsor2Town in eastern Berkshire, site of a Royal Castle used as permanent residence by sovereigns. Sometimes known as New Windsor. First sent members in 1302, continuously from 1424.
Woodstock2Town in western Oxfordshire. Was the scene of the Parliament of 1275. Occasionally sent members from 1302, consistently from 1571.
Wootton Bassett2Small town in north Wiltshire.
Worcester2City and county town of Worcestershire. Sent members from 1295.
Wycombe2Town in southern Buckinghamshire. Sent members from 1300.
Yarmouth2Fishing port and town in eastern Norfolk. Sent members from 1295.
Yarmouth2Village and small port on the east of the Isle of Wight in Hampshire.
York2City and county town of Yorkshire, in the centre of the Ridings, an Archiepiscopal seat. Sent members from 1265.


Dover2Seaport in south-eastern Kent. Sent members occasionally from 1290, consistently from 1369.
Hastings2Chief of the cinque ports, in eastern Sussex. Sent members from 1369.
Hythe2Town and port in eastern Kent. Sent two members from 1369.
New Romney2Small port in south-eastern Kent.
Rye2Small town and port on the River Rother in eastern Sussex. Enfranchised in 1369.
Sandwich2Town and port in east Kent. Sent members from 1295.
Seaford2Small town and port in eastern Sussex.
Winchelsea2Also known as Winchilsea. Village in eastern Sussex.


Buckinghamshire2Enfranchised in 1542.
Cheshire2Enfranchised in 1543.
Devon2Occasionally known as Devonshire.
Durham2Only enfranchised in 1675, previously considered as being represented ecclesiastically.
Hampshire2Also known as Southamptonshire.
Lincolnshire2All three Parts: Holland, Kesteven, Lindsey
Monmouthshire2Joined to England 1535. Enfranchised in 1536.
Salop2Also known as Shropshire.
Yorkshire4All three Ridings. Yorkshire possessed two members from 1295 until 1821 when it was granted two more.


Beaumaris1Port and county town of Anglesey on the Menai Straits.
Brecon1Also known as Brecknock. County town of Brecknockshire.
Caernarvon Boroughs1Caernarvon: County town of Caernarvonshire, port at the southern end of the Menai Straits. Conway: Port at the mouth of the Conway River on the north Wales coast. Criccieth: Small resort town on the south of the Lleyn Peninsula. Nevin: Small port on northern edge of Lleyn Peninsula. Pwllheli: Resort town and port on southern edge of Lleyn Peninsula.
Cardiff Boroughs1Cardiff: Port and county town of Glamorganshire. Swansea: large seaport in west Glamorganshire. Llantrisant: Occasionally ‘Llantrissaint’, village in central Glamorganshire. Kenfig: Village on the Glamorganshire coast near Porthcawl. Aberavon: Smaller port to the east of Swansea. Neath: Coal town and port in western Glamorganshire. Cowbridge: Small town in southern Glamorganshire. Loughor: Small port on the River Loughor.
Cardigan Boroughs1Cardigan: County town and port in southern Cardiganshire. Aberystwyth: Port in northern Cardiganshire. Lampeter: Inland town.
Carmarthen1County town of Carmarthenshire.
Denbigh Boroughs1Denbigh: County town of Denbighshire, inland near the Clwyddian Range of Hills. Ruthin: Market town near southern end of Clwyddian Range. Holt: Small town on the English border, near Wrexham.
Flint Boroughs1Flint: County town of Flintshire, on the Dee estuary. Caergwrle: Small inland town to the north of Wrexham. Caerwys: Small town at the northern end of the Clwyddian Range. Overton: Town in the detached part of Flintshire, near the Shropshire border. Rhuddlan: Small town near Rhyl on north Wales coast.
Haverfordwest1Port at the head of Milford Haven.
Montgomery1County town of Montgomeryshire, in the east of the county near the Shropshire border.
New Radnor Boroughs1New Radnor: Village, formerly county town of Radnorshire, in the Radnor Forest in the east of the county. Cnwclas: otherwise 'Knucklas', village on the Shropshire border in the north-east of the county. Knighton: Town on the Shropshire border. Rhayader: Market town in the north-west of the county. Cefnllys: Village in Radnorshire.
Pembroke Boroughs1Pembroke: County town of Pembrokeshire, in the south of the county below Milford Haven. Tenby: Resort town and port on Carmarthen bay in the south-east of Pembrokshire. Wiston: Village in the centre of Pembrokeshire.


Anglesey1Otherwise known as Anglesea.


Aberdeen Burghs1Aberdeen: City, port and county town of Aberdeenshire. Montrose: Port town in Forfarshire. Brechin: Inland town in Forfarshire. Arbroath: Otherwise Aberbrothock, fishing port at the mouth of the River Brothock in Forfarshire. Inverbervie: Small port in southern Aberdeenshire.
Anstruther Easter Burghs1Anstruther Easter, Pittenweem, Anstruther Wester: Small fishing ports in eastern Fife, joining together to form one town. Crail: Small town and seaport in Fife. Kilrenny: Seaside village in Fife, near to Anstruther.
Ayr Burghs1Ayr: Port and county town of Ayrshire. Irvine: Port on the river Irvine in north Ayrshire. Rothesay: County town of Buteshire, on the east of the island. Inverary: County town of Argyllshire, on the northern shore of Loch Fyne. Campbeltown: Port at southern end of Kintyre in Argyllshire.
Dumfries Burghs1Dumfries: County town of Dumfries-shire, on the River Nith. Kirkcudbright: County town of Kirkcudbrightshire-Stewartry, port on the Solway Firth. Annan: Small town at the head of the Solway Firth in Dumfries-shire. Lochmaben: Small town in central Dumfries-shire. Sanquhar: Small town in northern Dumfries-shire.
Dysart Burghs1Kinghorn: Small port and town in southern Fife. Dysart: Village, close to Kirkcaldy. Kirkcaldy: Port on the Firth of Forth in Fife. Burntisland: Small port on the southern coast of Fife.
Edinburgh1City, County town of Edinburghshire, capital of Scotland and scene of its Parliaments.
Elgin Burghs1Elgin: County town of Elginshire, inland in the north of the county. Banff: County town of Banffshire, port on the northern coast of the Grampian peninsula. Cullen: Small fishing port in the north-west of Banffshire. Kintore: Small town in Aberdeenshire, near to Aberdeen. Inverurie: Also Inverury, Town in central Aberdeenshire.
Glasgow Burghs1Rutherglen: Town in east Renfrewshire, south-east of Glasgow. Glasgow: City, port on the River Clyde, in Dunbartonshire. Dumbarton: County town of Dunbartonshire on the Firth of Clyde. Renfrew: County town of Renfrewshire, near the Clyde to the west of Glasgow.
Haddington Burghs1Jedburgh: Small town in eastern Roxburghshire. Dunbar: Small port in eastern Haddingtonshire. North Berwick: Port on northern coast of Haddingtonshire. Lauder: Small town in western Berwickshire. Haddington: County town of Haddingtonshire, in the centre of the county.
Inverness Burghs1Fortrose: Town and small port on the Moray Firth, on the Black Isle in Ross-shire. Inverness: County town of Inverness-shire, at the head of the Moray Firth. Nairn: County town of Nairnshire, port on the Moray Firth. Forres: Town in western Elginshire.
Linlithgow Burghs1Peebles: County town of Peeblesshire, south of Edinburgh. Linlithgow: County town of Linlithgowshire, near the Firth of Forth. Selkirk: County town of Selkirkshire, near the Ettrick Forest. Lanark: County town of Lanarkshire, in upper Clydesdale.
Perth Burghs1Perth: County town of Perthshire, until 1437 capital of Scotland, and scene of its Parliaments. Dundee: Port on the Firth of Tay in Forfarshire. St. Andrews: City and port in eastern Fife, seat of a university. Cupar: Inland town in eastern Fife. Forfar: County town of Forfarshire, inland in the Strathmore Hills.
Stirling Burghs1Stirling: County town of Stirlingshire, port on the River Forth. Inverkeithing: Port town in southern Fife on the Firth of Forth. Dunfermline: Inland town in western Fife. Culross: Village in western Fife. Queensferry: Port town on the south of the Firth of Forth in Linlithgowshire.
Tain (Northern) Burghs1Tain: Village in the north of Caithness-shire. Dingwall: Port town at the head of the Cromarty Firth, in Ross-shire. Dornoch: Village in south-eastern Sutherlandshire. Wick: Fishing port in eastern Caithness-shire. Kirkwall: Chief town of Orkney, on Mainland.
Wigtown Burghs1Whithorn: Village in southern Wigtonshire. New Galloway: Town in central Kirkcudbrightshire. Stranraer: Port in western Wigtonshire, on Loch Ryan. Wigtown: County town of Wigtonshire, port on Wigtown Bay in the south of the County.


Buteshire and Caithness-shire1A member was elected by Buteshire and Caithness-shire to alternate Parliaments.
Clackmannanshire and Kinross-shire1A member was elected by Clackmannanshire and Kinross-shire to alternate Parliaments.
Cromarty and Nairnshire1A member was elected by Cromarty and Nairnshire to alternate Parliaments.
Edinburghshire1Also known as Midlothian.
Forfarshire1Also known as Angus.
Haddingtonshire1Also known as East Lothian.
Linlithgowshire1Also known as West Lothian.
Orkney and Shetland1Two counties joined for Parliamentary purposes.


Armagh1County town of Armagh, in the west of the county. Site of the primacy of all Ireland.
Athlone1Town on the River Shannon between Counties Westmeath and Roscommon.
Bandon Bridge1Town on the River Bandon in southern County Cork.
Belfast1City, port and county town in southern Antrim, capital of Ulster.
Carlow1County town of Carlow, in the north of the county.
Carrickfergus1Port and resort town on Belfast Lough in southern Antrim.
Cashel1Small city in central County Tipperary.
Clonmel1Town on the River Suir in County Tipperary, near the Waterford border.
Coleraine1Port on the River Bann in north-eastern County Londonderry.
Cork1City, large port and county town of Cork.
Downpatrick1County town of Down, port on Strangford Lough in the east of the county.
Drogheda1Port town on the River Boyne, in southern County Louth (with part in County Meath). Scene of the Battle of the Boyne.
Dublin2City, capital of Leinster and of Ireland, county town of Dublin. Site of the Parliaments of Ireland.
Dundalk1Port in the north of County Louth.
Dungannon1Inland town in the east of County Tyrone, near to Lough Neagh.
Dungarvan1Small port town on southern coast of County Waterford.
Ennis1County town of County Clare, inland in the centre of the County.
Enniskillen1County town of County Fermanagh, between the upper and lower Loughs Erne.
Galway1Large port and county town of Galway.
Kilkenny1County town of Kilkenny, formerly the site of Irish Parliaments.
Kinsale1Small port in the southern coast of County Cork.
Limerick1City, port and county town of Limerick, at the head of the Shannon estuary.
Lisburn1Small town in the north of County Down, part in County Antrim.
Londonderry1Also known as Derry. City, port and county town of Londonderry, on the River Foyle in the west of the County.
Mallow1Inland town in the centre of County Cork.
New Ross1Small town and port on the River Barrow, in the west of County Wexford (part in County Kilkenny).
Newry1Town in the south-east of County Down, part in County Armagh.
Portarlington1Town on the River Barrow in King‘s County.
Sligo1Port, county town of Sligo, in the north of the County.
Tralee1Small town and port, county town of Kerry, in the west of the county.
Waterford1City, port on the River Suir and county town of Waterford.
Wexford1Port and county town of Wexford, in the south of the County.
Youghal1Small port on the southern coast of County Cork, at the border with County Waterford.


King‘s County2Name changed from Offaly.
Londonderry2Also known as Derry.
Queen‘s County2Name changed from Laois.