Members of the House of Commons

Parliament of Northern Ireland

If no date is given then the member concerned entered or left Parliament at the general election of that year, or remained a member until the prorogation of the Parliament in 1972. General elections were held on the following dates:

1921 - 24th May
1925 - 3rd April
1929 - 22nd May
1933 - 30th November
1938 - 9th February (the life of this Parliament was extended beyond the five year limit during World War II)
1945 - 14th June
1949 - 10th February
1953 - 22nd October
1958 - 20th March
1962 - 31st May
1965 - 25th November
1969 - 24th February

The Parliament was prorogued at midnight on 31st March 1972 and abolished by the Northern Ireland Constitution Act 1973.


Patrick AgnewLabArmagh, South 1938-1945
Robert Brown AlexanderUBelfast, Victoria 1945-1953
Commander Albert Wesley AndersonULondonderry, City of Londonderry 16th May 1968-1972
Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Newton AndersonULondonderry 1921-1929
Rt. Hon. John Lawson Ormrod AndrewsUDown, Mid 1953-21st July 1964
Rt. Hon. John Miller AndrewsUDown 1921-1929; Down, Mid 1929-1953
Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Mervyn Archdale, Bt.UFermanagh and Tyrone 1921-1929; Fermanagh, Enniskillen 1929-1938
Captain Robert Austin ArdillUAntrim, Carrick 1965-1969
Rt. Hon. Sir Anthony Brutus BabingtonUBelfast, South 6th November 1925-1929; Belfast, Cromac 1929-2nd December 1937
Robert John BabingtonUDown, North 1969-1972
John Edgar BaileyUDown, West 1938-14th November 1958
Thomas BailieInd U (U)Down, North 27th March 1941-1953
Rt. Hon. Robin John BailieUAntrim, Newtownabbey 1969-1972
Rt. Hon. Sir John Milne Barbour, Bt.UAntrim 1921-1929; Antrim, South 1929-3rd October 1951
Sir Richard Dawson Bates, Bt.UBelfast, East 1921-1929; Belfast, Victoria 1929-1945
John (Jack) BeattieLab (Ind Lab)Belfast, East 1925-1929; Belfast, Pottinger 1929-1949
Rev. William John BeattieProt U (UDUP)Antrim, South 16th April 1970-1972
Rt. Hon. Richard BestUArmagh 1921-5th November 1925
Rt. Hon. Arthur BlackUBelfast, South 1925-1929; Belfast, Willowfield 1929-5th November 1941
Major Charles Blakiston-HoustonUBelfast, Dock 1929-1933
Rt. Hon. David Wylie BleakleyLabBelfast, Victoria 1958-1965
Alexander BlevinsUTyrone, Mid 1958-1962
Desmond Norman Orr BoalU (Ind U) (U) (UDUP)Belfast, Shankill 16th February 1960-30th March 1972
William Robinson BoydLabBelfast, Woodvale 1958-1965
Thomas William BoydLabBelfast, Pottinger 1958-1969
Rt. Hon. Roy Hamilton BradfordUBelfast, Victoria 1965-1972
John Joseph BrennanNat DPBelfast, Central 1965-1969
Rt. Hon. Sir Basil Stanlake BrookeUFermanagh, Lisnaskea 1929-13th February 1968
Viscount Brookeborough - see Rt. Hon. Sir Basil Stanlake Brooke
Captain Rt. Hon. John Warden BrookeUFermanagh, Lisnaskea 22nd March 1968-1972
James BrownInd U (U)Down, South 1938-1945
Thomas Henry BurnUBelfast, West 1921-1925
Joseph BurnsULondonderry, North 29th November 1960-1972
Richard ByrneNBelfast, Falls 1929-28th August 1942
Thomas Hadden CaldwellInd U (O’N)Belfast, Willowfield 1969-1972
Mrs. Lilian Irene Mercer CalvertIndQueen’s University 1945-1953
Sir John CampbellUQueen’s University 1921-1929
John Dermot CampbellUAntrim, Carrick 26th August 1943-27th January 1945
Lloyd CampbellUBelfast, North 1921-1929
Thomas Joseph CampbellNBelfast, Central 4th June 1934-30th November 1945
Joshua CardwellUBelfast, Pottinger 1969-1972
John CarronNFermanagh, South 1965-1972
Mrs. Dehra S. Chichester - see Rt. Hon. Dame Dehra S. Parker
Major Rt. Hon. James Dawson Chichester-ClarkULondonderry, South 9th July 1960-1972
Captain James Lenox-Conyngham Chichester-ClarkULondonderry, South 1929-31st January 1933
Daniel Hall ChristieULondonderry, North 1933-1938
George Anthony ClarkUBelfast, Dock 1938-1945
Thomas Loftus ColeUBelfast, Dock 1949-1953
John Henry CollinsNArmagh 1925-1929; Down, South 1929-1933
Michael CollinsSFArmagh 1921-22nd August 1922
Malachy ConlonNArmagh, South 1945-27th March 1950
Joseph ConnellanNArmagh, South 1929-1933; Down, South 1949-11th April 1967
Ivan Averill CooperInd (SDLP)Londonderry, Mid 1969-1972
James CooperUFermanagh and Tyrone 1921-1929
William CooteUFermanagh and Tyrone 1921-14th December 1924
Very Rev. Prof. Rt. Hon. Robert CorkeyUQueen’s University 1929-20th May 1943
Rt. Hon. Sir James CraigUDown 1921-1929; Down, North 1929-24th November 1940
Rt. Hon. William CraigUAntrim, Larne 5th February 1960-1972
Viscount Craigavon - see Rt. Hon. Sir James Craig
Robert CrawfordUAntrim 1921-29; Antrim, Mid 1929-1938
Major Lancelot Ernest CurranUAntrim, Carrick 19th April 1945-3rd November 1949
Joseph Austin CurrieN (SDLP)Tyrone, East 30th June 1964-1972
Rt. Hon. Sir John Clarke DavisonUArmagh 25th November 1925-1929; Armagh, Mid 1929-24th August 1938
Eamon de ValeraSF (FF)Down 1921-1929; Down, South 1933-1938
Joseph DevlinNAntrim 1921-1925; Belfast, West 1921-1929; Belfast, Central 1929-18th January 1934
Patrick Joseph DevlinLab (SDLP)Belfast, Falls 1969-1972
Harry DiamondSoc Rep (Rep LP)Belfast, Falls 1945-1969
Mrs. Anne Letitia DicksonUAntrim, Carrick 1969-1972
Rt. Hon. Daniel Stewart Thomas Bingham Dixon - see Lord Glentoran (2nd)
Rt. Hon. Herbert DixonUBelfast, East 1921-1929; Belfast, Bloomfield 1929-20th July 1950
Rt. Hon. John DobsonUDown, West 29th June 1965-1972
Thompson DonaldUBelfast, East 1921-1925
Alexander Ernest DonnellyNFermanagh and Tyrone 1925-1929; Tyrone, West 1929-1949
Eamon DonnellyRepArmagh 1925-1929; Belfast, Falls 6th November 1942-29th December 1944
Dr. George DouganUArmagh, Central 15th March 1941-7th April 1955
William DowlingUBelfast, Windsor 15th May 1937-1945
Hugh DowneyLabBelfast, Dock 1945-1949
James Augustine DuffUBelfast, East 1921-1925
Rowley ElliottUFermanagh and Tyrone 1925-1929; Tyrone, South 1929-17th December 1944
Rt. Hon. Arthur Brian Deane FaulknerUDown, East 1949-1972
Erne Cecil FergusonUFermanagh, Enniskillen 1938-29th July 1949
Richard FergusonUAntrim, South 6th November 1968-26th January 1970
Gerard FittIrish LP (Rep LP) (SDLP)Belfast, Dock 1962-1972
Rt. Hon. William Kennedy FitzsimmonsUBelfast, Duncairn 4th December 1956-1972
Samuel FryarUDown, West 1933-1938
William Samuel FyffeUTyrone, North 1969-1972
James Fulton GambleUTyrone, North 10th November 1930-11th July 1943
Robert GetgoodLabBelfast, Oldpark 1945-1949
Lord Glentoran (1st) - see Rt. Hon. Herbert Dixon
Lord Glentoran (2nd)UBelfast, Bloomfield 31st October 1950-22nd February 1961
Lt-Col. Rt. Hon. Sir Alexander Robert Gisborne GordonUDown, East 1929-1949
Rt. Hon. John Fawcett GordonUAntrim 1921-1929; Antrim, Carrick 1929-21st June 1943
Patrick Joseph GormleyNLondonderry, Mid 1953-1969
Thomas Columba GormleyN (APNI)Tyrone, Mid 1962-1972
Rt. Hon. William GrantUBelfast, North 1921-1929; Belfast, Duncairn 1929-16th August 1949
Arthur GriffithSFFermanagh and Tyrone 1921-12th August 1922
James Woods GyleInd UBelfast, East 1925-1929
Major Robert Lloyd Hall-ThompsonInd U (O’N)Belfast, Clifton 1969-1972
Lt-Col. Rt. Hon. Samuel Herbert Hall-ThompsonUBelfast, Clifton 1929-1953
Francis HannaLab (Ind Lab)Belfast, Central 22nd August 1946-1965
George Boyle HannaUAntrim 1921-1929; Antrim, Larne 1929-29th April 1937
Rt. Hon. George Boyle HannaUBelfast, Duncairn 29th November 1949-20th September 1956
Thomas James Stanislaus HarbisonNFermanagh and Tyrone 1921-1929
Robert John Rolston HarcourtUBelfast, Woodvale 4th April 1950-31st May 1955
Isaac George HawthorneUArmagh, Central 15th October 1955-1969
Cahir HealyNFermanagh and Tyrone 1925-1929; Fermanagh, South 1929-1965
George HendersonUTAAntrim 1925-1929
Captain Oscar William James HendersonUBelfast, Victoria 1953-1958
Thomas Gibson HendersonInd U (IUA) (Ind U)Belfast, North 1925-1929; Belfast, Shankill 1929-1953
Dr. Eileen Mary HickeyIndQueen’s University 1949-1958
William Sharpe HindsUBelfast, Willowfield 1958-1969
Henry HolmesUBelfast, Shankill 1953-27th October 1959
John HumeInd (SDLP)Londonderry, Foyle 1969-1972
Sir Alexander Wilson HungerfordUBelfast, Oldpark 1929-1945
Alexander HunterUAntrim, Carrick 20th January 1950-1965
Sir Samuel Thompson IrwinUQueen’s University 20th April 1948-21st June 1961
John JohnstonUArmagh, North 1929-1945
Prof. Sir Robert James JohnstoneUQueen’s University 1921-26th October 1938
Rt. Hon. Edward Warburton JonesULondonderry, City of Londonderry 18th June 1951-1st March 1968
Rt. Hon. John William Basil KellyUDown, Mid 3rd December 1964-1972
William KellyAPTyrone, Mid 1953-1958
John William KennedyUBelfast, Cromac 6th December 1962-1972
Patrick KennedyRep LPBelfast, Central 1969-1972
Michael Joseph KeoghNDown, South 25th May 1967-1972
Robert George Caldwell KinahanUBelfast, Clifton 1958-29th April 1959
Rt. Hon. Herbert Victor KirkUBelfast, Windsor 23rd November 1956-1972
Samuel KyleLabBelfast, North 1925-1929
John Dunn LairdUBelfast, St. Anne’s 12th November 1970-1972
Dr. Norman Davidson LairdUBelfast, St. Anne’s 1969-28th April 1970
Thomas Robert LaveryUDown 1921-1929
George LeekeNLondonderry 1921-1929; Londonderry, Mid 1929-30th March 1939
David John LittleUDown, West 5th March 1959-9th May 1965
Prof. Frederick Thomas Lloyd-DoddUQueen’s University 15th November 1949-1962
Captain Rt. Hon. William Joseph LongUDown, Ards 1962-1972
Rt. Hon. William LowryULondonderry, City of Londonderry 27th April 1939-5th June 1947
Dr. William LyleUQueen’s University 19th October 1942-1945, 1949-2nd August 1949
Sir Robert John LynnUBelfast, West 1921-1929; Antrim, North 1929-5th August 1945
Thomas LyonsUTyrone, North 11th August 1943-1969
Hugh Kelly McAleerNTyrone, Mid 1929-12th May 1941
Thomas Stanislaus McAllisterNAntrim 1925-1929
Edward Gerard McAteerNLondonderry, Mid 1945-1953; Londonderry, Foyle 1953-1969
Robert McBrideUDown 1921-1929; Down, West 1929-1933
James Joseph McCarrollNLondonderry, Foyle 1929-3rd March 1937
Rt. Hon. Sir William Victor McCleeryUAntrim, North 15th October 1945-30th October 1957
Dr. Harold Ian McClureUQueen’s University 1962-1969
Robert Dodd McConnellInd U (O’N) (APNI)Down, Bangor 1969-1972
Rt. Hon. Robert William Brian McConnellUAntrim, South 10th December 1951-September 1968
Major James Hanna McCormickUBelfast, St. Anne’s 1929-1938
William Frederick McCoyUTyrone, South 12th April 1945-1965
Rt. Hon. Sir Crawford McCullagh, Bt.UBelfast, South 1921-1925
Edward Vincent McCullaghNTyrone, Mid 16th August 1948-1953
Rt. Hon. John Clarke MacDermottUQueen’s University 1938-2nd November 1944
Charles Edward McGleenanAPArmagh, South 6th December 1950-1958
Basil McGuckinNLondonderry 1925-1929
Samuel McGuffinUBelfast, North 1921-1925
Michael McGurkNTyrone, Mid 2nd July 1941-22nd June 1948
John McHughNFermanagh and Tyrone 1925-1929
Rt. Hon. William Basil McIvorUAntrim, Larkfield 1969-1972
Robert John McKeownUBelfast, North 1921-1925
Patrick Joseph MacLoganRepArmagh, South 1933-1938
Rev. James Godfrey MacManawayULondonderry, City of Londonderry 27th June 1947-22nd January 1951
Mrs. Julia McMordieUBelfast, South 1921-1925
Thomas Wallace McMullanUDown 1921-1929
William McMullenLabBelfast, West 1925-1929
Mrs. Dinah McNabbUArmagh, North 1945-1969
Eoin Mac NéillSFLondonderry 1921-1925
Robert Norman McNeillInd U (U)Queen’s University 1929-January 1935
Miss Elizabeth Hamill MaconachieUQueen’s University 1953-1969
John McQuadeU (UDUP)Belfast, Woodvale 1965-30th March 1972
Dr. Frederick McSorleyIndQueen’s University 1945-February 1948
James McSparranNDown, Mourne 1945-1958
Rt. Hon. William Brian MaginessUDown, Iveagh 1938-19th March 1964
Samuel MagowanUDown, Iveagh 9th May 1964-1972
John Martin MarkULondonderry 1921-29; Londonderry, North 1929-1933
John Wesley Neville MartinUBelfast, Woodvale 15th November 1955-1958
Patrick MaxwellNLondonderry, Foyle 7th May 1937-1953
Rt. Hon. William Morrison MayUDown, Ards 1949-2nd March 1962
Robert Dick MegawUAntrim 1921-1925
Rt. Hon. Harry Cassidy MidgleyLab (CWLP) (U)Belfast, Dock 1933-38; Belfast, Willowfield 3rd December 1941-29th April 1957
William Thomas MillerUFermanagh and Tyrone 1921-1929; Tyrone, North 1929-6th October 1930
Seán MilroySFFermanagh and Tyrone 1921-1925
Hugh MinfordUAntrim, Antrim 1929-18th December 1950
Rt. Hon. Nathaniel Owens MinfordUAntrim, Antrim 2nd February 1951-1972
Lt-Col. Dr. Arthur Brownlow MitchellUQueen’s University 22nd March 1935-3rd September 1942
Captain Robert James MitchellUArmagh, North 1969-1972
Rt. Hon. Thomas MolesUBelfast, South 1921-29; Belfast, Ballynafeigh 1929-3rd February 1937
Rt. Hon. Rev. Robert MooreULondonderry, North 1938-October 1960
Joseph William MorganUBelfast, Cromac 1953-19th September 1962
Murtagh MorganIrish LPBelfast, Dock 1953-1958
Rt. Hon. William James MorganUBelfast, Oldpark 1949-1958; Belfast, Clifton 28th May 1959-1969
Dr. Hugh Smith MorrisonUQueen’s University 1921-1929
Rt. Hon. Sir Harry George Hill MulhollandUDown 1921-1929; Down, Ards 1929-1945
Miss Sheelagh Mary MurnaghanLQueen’s University 22nd November 1961-1969
Peter MurnoyNDown, South 1945-1949
Rt. Hon. Edward Sullivan MurphyULondonderry, City of Londonderry 1929-13th April 1939
Rt. Hon. Major Ivan NeillUBelfast, Ballynafeigh 1949-1972
Thomas Charles NelsonUFermanagh, Enniskillen 24th October 1949-16th March 1954
John William NixonInd UBelfast, Woodvale 1929-11th May 1949
Dr. Robert Samuel NixonUDown, North 1953-1969
John Dillon NugentNArmagh 1921-1925
Roderick Hugh O’ConnorNTyrone, West 1949-1972
Patrick Michael O’HanlonInd (SDLP)Armagh, South 1969-1972
William OliverUBelfast, Dock 1958-1962
Seán O’MahoneySFFermanagh and Tyrone 1921-1925
Patrick O’NeillNDown 1921-29; Down, Mourne 1929-1938
Rt. Hon. Phelim Robert Hugh O’NeillU (APNI)Antrim, North 1958-1972
Major Rt. Hon. Sir Robert William Hugh O’NeillUAntrim 1921-1929
Rt. Hon. Terence Marne O’NeillUAntrim, Bann Side 7th November 1946-26th January 1970
James O’ReillyNDown, Mourne 1958-1972
Rev. Ian Richard Kyle PaisleyProt U (UDUP)Antrim, Bann Side 16th April 1970-1972
Major George William PanterUDown, Mourne 1938-1945
Rt. Hon. Dame Dehra S. ParkerULondonderry 1921-1929; Londonderry, South 1933-15th June 1960
Captain John PatrickUAntrim, Mid 1938-1945
Malcolm William PatrickUAntrim, Bann Side 10th November 1939-17th September 1946
Captain John Robert Perceval-MaxwellUDown, Ards 1945-1949
Rt. Hon. Hugh MacDowell PollockUBelfast, South 1921-1929; Belfast, Windsor 1929-15th April 1937
Norman PorterInd UBelfast, Clifton 1953-1958
Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Wilson PorterUQueen’s University 23rd November 1966-1969; Down, Lagan Valley 1969-1972
Herbert QuinUQueen’s University 13th December 1944-1949
John W. RenshawUQueen’s University 2nd July 1943-1945
Edward George RichardsonInd N (N)Armagh, South 1958-1969
Rt. Hon. John Hanna RobbUQueen’s University 1921-1938
Major Harold Claude RobinsonUAntrim, Larne 27th May 1937-30th December 1944
Dr. Samuel RodgersUBelfast, Pottinger 1949-1958
Walter ScottUBelfast, Bloomfield 20th April 1961-1972
Major Rt. Hon. David Graham ShillingtonUArmagh 1921-29; Armagh, Central 1929-24th February 1941
Frederick Vivian SimpsonLabBelfast, Oldpark 1958-1972
Rt. Hon. Dr. Robert SimpsonUAntrim, Mid 1953-1972
Major Rt. Hon. John Maynard SinclairUBelfast, Cromac 1938-31st January 1953
Dr. Howard StevensonUQueen’s University 5th December 1938-1949
Charles StewartIndQueen’s University 1958-4th October 1966
Joseph Francis StewartNTyrone, East 1929-6th May 1964
Captain Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Norman Lockhart Stronge, Bt.UArmagh, Mid 29th September 1938-1969
Major Hon. James Matthew StrongeUArmagh, Mid 1969-1972
Rt. Hon. John David TaylorUTyrone, South 1965-1972
Frederick ThompsonUBelfast, Ballynafeigh 2nd April 1937-1949
Rt. Hon. Walter William Buchanan ToppingUAntrim, Larne 19th April 1945-15th December 1959
William John TwaddellUBelfast, West 1921-22nd May 1922
Mrs. Margaret Alicia WaringUDown, Iveagh 1929-1933
John Edmond WarnockUBelfast, St. Anne’s 1938-1969
Rt. Hon. Henry William WestUFermanagh, Enniskillen 8th May 1954-1972
Herbert WhittenUArmagh, Central 1969-1972
Archibald Ferguson WilsonUBelfast, Windsor 1945-8th October 1956
John Charles WilsonUDown, Iveagh 1933-1938
Robert Nichol WilsonUAntrim, Mid 1945-1953
Lt-Col. Philip James WoodsInd UBelfast, West 2nd May 1923-1929; Belfast, South 1925 (declined seat)
George Charles Gillespie YoungUAntrim, Bann Side 1929-17th August 1939


Speakers and Deputy Speakers of the House of Commons

Speakers of the House of Commons

Robert William Hugh O’Neill7th June 1921
Sir Harry George Hill Mulholland29th May 1929
Sir Charles Norman Lockhart Stronge20th July 1945
William Frederick McCoy25th January 1956
Sir Charles Norman Lockhart Stronge26th April 1956
Ivan Neill3rd March 1969

Deputy Speakers of the House of Commons
(Chairman of Ways and Means)

Thomas Moles7th June 1921
John Clarke Davison10th March 1937
Sir Robert John Lynn17th June 1937
Harold Stevenson20th July 1945
Thomas Bailie13th November 1945
Robert Nichol Wilson30th November 1948
Samuel Herbert Hall-Thompson28th February 1950
Hon. Terence Marne O’Neill10th November 1953
Thomas Lyons22nd November 1955
Walter Scott11th March 1969

Second Deputy Speakers of the House of Commons
(Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means)

Joseph William Morgan3rd April 1958
Robert William Brian McConnell20th November 1962
William Robinson Boyd30th April 1963
James O’Reilly3rd February 1966
Patrick Joseph Gormley3rd May 1966
James O’Reilly14th February 1967
Frederick Vivian Simpson20th March 1969
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