Tower Hamlets Borough Council Election Results

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets was created as part of the review of London Government in the early 1960s. The area of the borough was made up of the former Metropolitan Boroughs of Bethnal Green, Poplar and Stepney. The first elections to the council were on 7th May 1964 and it took over local government functions on 1st April 1965.

The wards used for elections in 1964-78 were derived from those used for the old Metropolitan Boroughs. There was a boundary change in 1978 in which all but six wards (Poplar East, Poplar Millwall, Poplar South, St. Katharine’s, St. Mary’s and Shadwell) were changed. Poplar East Ward was renamed East India Ward, Poplar Millwall Ward was renamed Millwall Ward, and Poplar South Ward was renamed Blackwall Ward. Minor changes to the boundaries of the authority in 1994 affected some wards. There will be a further major boundary change before the 2002 elections affecting all wards.

A Note on Neighbourhoods

When the Liberal/S.D.P. Alliance won the 1986 elections, they instituted a policy of devolving as much power as possible away from the full council and to ‘Neighbourhood Councils’ made up a group of two to four wards. These Neighbourhood Councils, which were technically area committees of the Borough Council, were made up of all councillors for the wards included. The Neighbourhood Councils were abolished when the Liberal Democrats lost power in 1994. This page contains details of their boundaries and analysis of summary election results by Neighbourhood.

This page shows the boundaries of wards and neighbourhoods in Tower Hamlets.

Here is the total votes cast in each election and index to the party abbreviations.


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